Monday, November 12, 2007

Spencer - End of First Quarter

Friday was the end of the first quarter for our homeschool association, which means I am working on report cards.  Some homeschoolers don't like report cards - we do. But sometimes it's hard to assign grades...  this is where I like math - the answer is either right or wrong.  I don't have to make many judgment calls to come up with a grade for Math.  I try to balance everything else - grading based on what I believe my kid is capable of achieving, and how much effort and attention was given to an assignment. 

The exercise of doing report cards also gives me a good look at how much we've achieved in the school year to date, and a chance to decide whether I need to adjust anything in the coming quarter.  I'm doing a lot of adjusting right now, because when we started the school year (and when I entered most of the assignments for the year in the Homeschool Tracker) we were planning to take Christmas vacation at Christmas time and our plans have changed.  We are now taking that vacation at the end of November. 

For Spencer, I've recorded 52 school days so far.  We're pretty much on track in Science and Social Studies, although we're adjusting as we go to account for the vacation time.  I would have liked for him to be farther along in his Math and Language Arts assignments, but we have plenty of time left.  I did remind him that we are going to hit the books HARD this week and get as much done as possible so we can have a guilt-free vacation. 

  • Bible     -                       A+

  • Social Studies -          A

  • Language Arts -          B+

  • Math -                            B

  • Phys.Ed. -                     A+

  • Science -                      A

Here is the drawing of a medieval period castle that Spencer did for History:


msack said...

That is a great drawing! Very talented!

Janne said...

Very talented! Way to go, Spencer!

CrossView said...

"Our plans have changed..." One of our constant refrains! =P

Great drawing! =D

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