Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogger Friend School Assignment #11 {Praying for Needs}

Another out of order assignment!

The assignment this week is to visit your classmates' blogs and leave them a comment to let them know that you are praying for them.  There are over 200 classmates that have signed up now!

At the same time for your blog, please post any prayer needs that you have.  The POWER of prayer is what binds us together with HIM!

I have been visiting blogs and commenting on a few.  I wish the comment thing worked better for me.  Anyway, since I'm so late in doing the assignment, I've been reading and praying as I read, so even if I didn't comment - that's what I did.


For myself, I just feel very blessed that I don't have anything "big" as far as a prayer request at this time.  There are always things going on in our lives that we need God's guidance to handle, of course, but thankfully I don't have a crisis happening that I can think of!  I pray for:

  • our family and loved ones that are not walking with the LORD

  • the youth ministries, in particular, at our church

  • my involvement in MOMS Club - I am struggling right now with how much to do or not to do with my local chapter.  Long story, but I am frustrated with it these days.

  • strength and discipline for myself, so that I can get things done! (See my Assignment #12)

  • and lots of other things...

This is a great assignment - just the thought that "unknown" sisters in Christ are agreeing in prayer on the concerns close to our hearts!



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