Friday, February 8, 2008

Which do you want first? Good news or bad?

I'm not sure at this point what category it goes in - good news or bad.  But Harrison had quite a day on Wednesday. 

Harrison and I spent literally all day visiting doctors.  In the morning we went to Harrison's regular opthalmologist.  After that visit, he sent us to see a retinal specialist in the city right after lunch.  So we grabbed some fast food and went to do that.  From there we headed home, stopping on the way at the med lab to get pre-op bloodwork done.  (anyone see where this might be headed?)  This morning I have to take him to our family doc for a pre-op exam.    Harrison has some detachment of both retinas and will be having surgery on Friday afternoon.   As in today. 

Some background:  a couple months ago Harrison told me that he had an annoying shadow in his vision in one eye.  We established that it was not a floater, but as he hadn't been ill and hadn't had any sort of an injury we took a wait-and-see approach at that point.  He was almost due for his annual checkup anyway.  Later on he told me that is was "better."  Lesson learned:  his definition of "better" was different from mine.  I understood that the shadow was gone, what he meant was that it was not as bad as at first.  So at that point, I put off making the appointment until after vacation and Christmas etc.  Then at some point we discussed it again and realized the misunderstanding about the word "better"  I had made his checkup appointment at the next available opening (pretty long lead time at the practice we go to) so we thought about it, and decided to just wait for that appointment unless there was a further change.

So in a bit over an hour we will be headed to Sinai Hospital for the surgery.  Prayers are appreciated for all to go well and also that Harrison will strictly follow the doctor's orders regarding restricted activities afterwards.  I'm sure we will all need an extra measure of patience to deal with the recovery!

I will try to update tonight or tomorrow.


blessedwith2angels said...

Praying that all goes well during the surgery and afterward. I'll be checking in for the update!


CrossView said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry I missed this! =(

I've got to catch up so I'm hoping there will be good news following... =D

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