Friday, December 19, 2008

Show & Tell {Ponce Inlet lighthouse}

My apologies for the missing photos. I am in the process of updating the photos after changes to Photobucket's policies stopped 3rd party hosting.

I think this is (finally) the last set of pictures from our vacation over a month ago.  LOL  Aren't you glad?  We stayed at a hotel on the beach - Ormond Beach which is just north of Daytona Beach - for the last four days of our vacation.  From there we were able to visit St Augustine and Ponce Inlet.  Ponce Inlet is south of Daytona Beach, and is home to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. (if you live nearby, or will be vacationing in that area, contact the lighthouse society and ask about homeschool trips - it sounds like the homeschool group visits they do are awesome, and they fill up fast!!)   Harrison decided he wanted to climb a lighthouse so we made sure that we included a visit to this one in our plans.  This 175-foot lighthouse was completed in 1887 and is one of the best preserved lighthouses in the country.

Wow, it was a LONG climb up the lighthouse!!! 

Look how happy they are.  LOL  Must be nice to be young and full of energy.

At the top, of course, we were treated to a spectacular view.

Whoops!!! That's not the view I meant, although looking down into the well is umm.... interesting!! 

 It was a bit windy up there, but we tried a couple of pictures.

Here is the Fresnel lens at the top of the lighthouse.

In addition to the lighthouse keeper's quarters and other buildings, there is also a small museum building which has several different sizes and types of lenses, and explains how they are made and used.

At Ponce Inlet marina, I finally got good pictures of pelicans!

Back to the hotel to enjoy the beach...

One last walk on the beach before we headed home - and it happened to start raining that morning.  Good time to leave!

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SuzyScribbles said...

Get a load of that spiral staircase! I love it! What a view, too. I see you all made it to the top. *pant, pant* How many stairs is it to the top, do you know? And how long did it take you to climb them?

mamakaren said...

Sweet memories! Florida is great to visit in the winter, if you live up north. (-:

Happy Holiday to you and your family.

Blessings, Karen

basketflat said...

What a wonderful lighthouse. I've never been in a lighthouse that was anywhere near as neat as that. The closest experience I've had is the Astoria Column, which isn't a lighthouse, but is neat and historical and seems like is about the same height as that. Beautiful pictures. I love how you were able to get right up to the lighthouse lights.

blessedwith2angels said...

We visited there on our trip to Florida. It was beautiful. I would love to be there right now! I here it is in the high 70's.


tiredmom said...

I always wanted to LIVE in a lighthouse. That's probably a much more romantic thing to THINK about doing than the reality would be, Actually, come to think of it, my lighthouse fantasy also include a large garden and a mountain brook, so not very realistic at all!

Canadagirl said...

What a different world it is there than here ! We have a foot of snow at least. Warm Wishes ! Burrrr what kind of wish can I give ??? lol

I absolutly LOVE love love the lighthouse. I can see why your ds wanted to go see one. Is the living quarters at the top ? It was so cool seeing the shape of the light lenses. Just mind boggeling.

Thank you so much for giving us another AMAZING trip through your eyes ! What a treat. [0=

Sending blessings and ((HUGS)) your way my SSiC

In Him<><


ThreeLittleLadies said...

What a lovely vacation. I love lighthouses too.


Prncsstefy said...


homeschoolingKatt said...

Your lighthouse pictures are so beautiful. The ocean is one of my favorite places.


kimalita said...

What a beautiful lighthouse! So neat! And Ponce de Leon?! How Cool.

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