Monday, October 31, 2011

An October Snow PhotoJournal

When I was growing up in western Canada, it was nothing unusual to have snow arrive by late October. When planning our costumes if we would be trick-or-treating, we had to take into consideration the thickness of our winterwear that would have to be worn underneath. But here in the mid-Atlantic, we don't generally expect snow till much closer to Christmas. So this past weekend, when the forecast warned us that we could receive 3 to 5 inches of snow on Friday evening and Saturday, I was a bit surprised. We were under a winter storm warning on October 29th? Strange. But this time, the weatherman was right, and we woke up on Saturday morning to a view that made me think I'd better start decorating for Christmas.  Or flooding the yard to make an outdoor hockey rink.

Many of the trees haven't lost their leaves yet, and clearly the plants were no better prepared than the rest of us to have winter arrive so soon.

The snow tapered off by evening, but did continue into the night.

On Sunday morning, we were probably not the only family to find our vehicle doors iced shut! Problem solved with an extension cord and a blow-dryer.

Yep, hot chocolate weather.  Mmmm...

And extra coffee in the mornings!

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T4LMama said...

I'm so glad to NOT live where the snowstorm hit last weekend! But I love your idea to flood the yard to make an outdoor hockey rink! :)

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