Monday, April 23, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: April 23, 2012

Not. Good.  Had a pretty useless week, but I do have a couple of excuses.  LOL  I spent a lot of time acting as Taxi Driver during the week, because we only had one vehicle available, there's been playoff hockey to watch, and I've been fighting a cold or something like that all week too.  At this point, it appears that I am losing the battle, but we'll see.
  1. Catch up the grading again, continue planning for next year.  Not much progress.  There is still a pile of grading to do - maybe today.  
  2. Clean up my desk.  Not done.
  3. Reading... Done.  And even started on the Shakespeare reading project!
  4. Blog goals...Done.  Other than publishing the book blog, that is.
  5. Decluttering...Not done.  I don't even remember, actually.  I did declutter a little bit, but not enough to make a difference.
  6. Baking.  Done!  We baked cheese bread and a yummy Texas Sheet Cake this week!  Both earned two thumbs up from everyone, and accordingly, both disappeared within 24 hours of coming out of the oven.  LOL
  7. This week's errands and to-do list:  I think all items were completed.
How well I do on this week's list of goals might depend on whether I succumb to whatever virus this is, or beat it and recover quickly. I guess prioritizing will be especially important. 
  1. Catch up grading, and plan for next year.  This weekend is the first of the curriculum fairs, so I will need to have a list prepared of what I will need and what I want to have a look at and for.  And I like my list to include some prices so I know where I'm getting the best deal.
  2. Clean up my desk. If I get the grading done, the desk will already look better!
  3. Reading...  Get started on the Shakespeare play this week.
  4. Blog goals... I have an entry I need to finish up today! But thankfully, a bit of a break from reviews this week.
  5. Decluttering...
  6. Baking.  Bake bread at least once again this week, and focus on baking our own cookies and sweet treats rather than buying.
  7. This week's errands and to-do list includes: softball games, choir practice, shopping, Civil Air Patrol, and a grad banquet.

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Debbie Phillips said...

I think you did pretty well considering the cold/virus you are fighting. I was fighting a sinus infection and am hoping that it is just the rain and the dusting I did this past weekend that is affecting me now. I hope it it not coming back. Mom being sick sure does put a wrench into our plans and goals. I pray you get your plans for next year made in time. I have only just started to plan for next year but I have time. It will also be strange for me because I will have only one student once my older son graduates. I love baking bread and have been wanting to make some raisin bread, as well as some WW cake. I hope you feel better and get a lot accomplished this week.

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