Saturday, April 28, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which the End is in Sight

In our homeschool... the week started out with me having a couple of very bad allergy days, and not feeling like doing much of anything.  So it was a bit of a slow week.  Even so, Kennady and Landon and I listened to some more Charles Ives, learned about George Gershwin and started listening to some of his work.  We also pretty much finished our study of the individual European countries.  There are a couple left for which I couldn't find a suitable book at the library, and that we hadn't looked up on the internet yet.  We'll get those finished up next week and then finish up our Social Studies year with brief studies of the Renaissance and Reformation and some art projects.  And how did I not even mention this in last week's HMJ - we finished our science for the year that week!

The kids are nearing the end of all their workbooks too, with the exception of Kennady, who started her math workbook partway through the year and is accordingly about halfway through it.

We started planning ahead for next year, since I went to a curriculum fair today and needed some idea of what I needed to buy or look for.  More about that in another post on another day, but I think we've got most everything lined up for next year.  I bought some science and English today, and for the most part I've decided what I'll buy at the next curriculum fair in a couple weeks.

In other news... Kennady's softball games, my choir practice, Landon's CAP meeting, and playoff hockey kept us busy.  On Wednesday evening, Landon and DH went to the Hershey Bears playoff game - Landon won tickets when we were at the Bears game on Easter Sunday.  That same night the other kids and I got home from our church activities in time to watch most of the Washington Capitals' Game 7 against the Boston Bruins, and to our great delight the Caps won the series and moved on! Of course, today they dropped the first game of the next series to the New York Rangers.  Oh well.

Thursday evening DH and I attended our church's grad banquet and celebrated the achievements of a pretty big crop of grads from our church.  I think there were a dozen of them - half were high school grads and half were graduating with a Bachelor's or Master's.  Very impressive, and inspiring, and I was glad to have another night that I didn't have to cook dinner!

And today, as I mentioned, I went to a curriculum fair.  I met with some friends for breakfast and we headed to the fair together.

One of my favorite things... going out for breakfast with friends.

Questions/thoughts I have... will Spencer choose to do a Science credit or a History credit next year? Or both?  I've got great options in mind either way.  Another question I have is: what happened to the Accounting course I purchased a couple of years ago but haven't used yet?  Not that I need to have it right away, but I can't figure out what 'safe place' I might have stored it in, and it's puzzling me.

A photo/video/quote or link to share...  For some reason I didn't take any pictures this week.  Not one.  But I do have this awesome new video from The Piano Guys to share.  Just because it is epic.

On the bookshelf...

  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens by Debra Bell
  • Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran
  • Ben & Me by Cameron gunn
  • The Library Paradox by Catherine Shaw
  • Garden of Madness by Tracey L. Higley
A parting shot...
Kennady made this iPod case for Harrison's girlfriend, who is a SpongeBob fan.

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Briana Jeffers said...

That sounds like a great week. Well, besides the allergies that is. I hope they leave you alone next week!

Modest Mama said...

Who, I am super impressed with the iPod case. She should sell them on etsy!

Erika said...

Sounds like you were busy this week. Great job on the case! :)

Kym Thorpe said...

the case was a little craft kit, but it is all hand sewn together, and she did it herself!

Stefanie said...

Wow Kennady!!

Our end isn't really in sight but I'm probably going to be ending it soon anyway. LOL

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I can just begin to see the end in sight for us:) I do already have my plan for next year though--isn't that a good feeling?!

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