Monday, May 7, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: May 7, 2012

Not sure how well I did meeting my goals, but at least I'm here to write about it on Monday.  LOL
  1. Catch up grading, start purging and filing school materials. Done, and progress. I've graded everything on my desk and put it away.  I still need to grab Landon's Math and see how much I have to grade there.  I've sorted some of the school things we are finished with but there's lots left to do!
  2. Clean up my desk.  Progress! My computer desk looks a LOT better, but the desk next to it will need my attention this week.
  3. Reading...Progress.   I did start reading the Shakespeare play online, but I just don't much like reading on the monitor.  (Perhaps not coincidentally, I decided this week to put a Kindle Fire near the top of my wishlist for the next time I have gift money to spend on myself. LOL)  I did better with Bible reading, but am still trying to find a new rhythm for that.  I finished two other novels.
  4. Blog goals...Done.  I completed the review I had to work on, and have worked on a couple of others that are coming up, and posted a few other things as well.
  5. Decluttering... Progress, but very little.  Ugh.  It's a big job.
  6. Baking.  Done, sort of.  I did some baking this week, but still didn't bake bread!  And that was the point!  LOL
  7. Healthier food habits. Progress.  I worked on getting balanced meals on the table every day for dinner, but softball nights proved a challenge.  I upped my daily water intake, but neglected to keep any sort of tally on how many glasses/ounces of water I drank. I should do that to make sure I'm getting as much as I think I am! Lots to keep working on in this category. 
  8. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete.

Looks like I made at least a little progress in each category!  But since I still have a long way to go, here's what I need to work on this week:
  1. Start getting rid of school materials we no longer need.  Buy what we do need.  I have some things I can list for sale in my homeschool groups and see what happens.  I have a fairly good idea what I will need to buy at the homeschool convention on Saturday, but there are a couple final decisions that need to be made.  Spencer has to decide on at least one elective that he'd like to work on next year, and I've given him a couple of options.  
  2. Clean up my desk. Keep the computer desk at least as tidy as it is now, preferably improve it! And get cracking on the chaos that is making my other desk unusable!
  3. Reading... keep working on Shakespeare, and keep reading my Bible faithfully, even though the new routine doesn't come naturally just yet.
  4. Blog goals... two reviews to put up this week, and I'm working on my posts for a Blog Hop next week.
  5. Decluttering... little by little...
  6. Baking.  This is a busy week, so I'm not sure when I'll fit it in, but I DO plan to bake bread and at least one "treat" this week.
  7. Healthier food habits and meal plans.  Keep track of water, and maybe keep a food diary too.  That should be fun. Not.  Do the best we can with meals during this very busy season.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes: Civil Air Patrol events, choir practice, softball, church picnic, and a homeschool convention.

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Debbie Phillips said...

Great job last week, progress or Done on all your goals. I hope to make a lemon dessert... I have been craving something lemon... this week, though I didn't put that on my goal list. Maybe I should update it and add that in. I am slowly working on cleaning my home, especially spring cleaning. It is taking so long with will probably be summer cleaning by the time I get done. Have a great week.

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