Wednesday, July 11, 2012

S is for... Sons

Since I devoted the letter D to my daughter, it's only fair that I talk about my sons for the letter S.  Harrison was the focus of the letter G since he is my graduate. Spencer and Landon will have to share a post instead of each getting their own, and for this I apologize to them.  Maybe they should be more cooperative when I want to take pictures!

This is Landon - 13 years old, starting eighth grade.  Landon has a great sense of humor, but it's hard to get him to crack a smile.  Since he was about five, he has wanted to be a trashman when he grows up.  At least now he plans to start his own waste disposal business!

This is Spencer - 17 years old and starting his senior year.  Yes, he will graduate in 2013!  Spencer tends to keep quiet and avoids a lot of conversation.  But he has a great work ethic and will do his very best with every job he's given. It's pretty hard to get Spencer to smile, especially for a picture.  This rare smile for the camera was achieved because we finally figured out the magic words that will do it  - "sausage gravy"!

Hubby had to wrestle the boy in order for me to get a picture when we were on vacation!

Spencer has a great talent for drawing and sketching.

I missed last week so I am a letter behind.  I will try to catch up next week!


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Tess said...

Such handsome sons! When the letter D comes around again I should blog about my daughters. I am so far behind in the blogging for the alphabet that I think I'm going to just have to jump in wherever Marcy is!

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