Thursday, July 12, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Bridges

This week's Think Back theme is Bridges.  Although there are actually quite a few covered bridges near us, I have chosen some pictures from our 2008 trip to Florida to go with this theme.  On that trip, we took a day to drive from Miami down through the Florida Keys, all the way to Key West where we were able to see the sunset.  Of course, that long drive from one key to the next meant that we drove on many bridges and causeways.

I admit that I was more comfortable when we were driving on the causeway than when we were on one of those really long bridges. 

We stopped at Bahia Honda Key and found some surprises at the Bahia Honda State Park. Did you know there had once been a railroad on the Keys?  The Florida East Coast Railway (also known as the Flagler System) once traveled right down to Key West.  The railway was completed in 1912, but during the 1930s, some of the bridges and rail lines were damaged by a hurricane.  The State of Florida purchased the bridges and right-of-ways and it was converted into the Overseas Highway. 

At the state park, we went up onto the bridge lookout point and here are some of the views.

Here's the sign at the lookout explaining a little bit about the bridge and railroad, and that it was sometimes referred to as 'Flagler's Folly'.

Why was it considered a 'folly', you ask?  Well...this is the bridge now...

o.O  I had more than a few nightmares after seeing that!

On a happier note, look what we saw in a sunny spot under the bridge lookout:

Also interesting... this spring there was a story about a European company proposing to build a resort on that bridge to nowhere! Miami Herald - March 26, 2012  What do you think?  Would you want to stay in a hotel on the bridge?  It might be pretty cool.  Or I might have more nightmares!  I'm interested in following the story to see if that resort ever happens, and I'm betting if it does, that my hubby will want to go!

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Tess said...

I have a recurring nightmares about driving off a bridge into the water. I get so nervous when drive out to Gig Harbour because there is this bridge that is so narrow and the water is on both sides. Some of your pictures reminded me of that! Sounds like you had a great trip though!

Debbie Phillips said...

I love bridges. I have never had a bridge nightmare but my husband has. You had some cool pictures, I especially loved the ones looking at the ocean from the lookout and the one of the lizard on the bridge.

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