Thursday, July 19, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Churches

This week's Think Back Thursday theme is Church.  And I found it odd that I had very few pictures of the buildings where we've attended church over the years.  Or maybe not so odd, because the church is more about the people.  At any rate, I do have a couple of church pictures and memories to share.

In 2008, Harrison and I went with a group from our local church on a missions trip to La Esperanza in Honduras.  This is a picture of our group in front of the Catholic shrine known as La Gruta which overlooks the city.

This is the church where we were working.  You can't see the entire name of it - Mas Que Vencedores,  which means "More than Conquerors".

This is a view of the church (white building) and grounds from the mountain.

In November of 2007, we made our most recent family trip to Alberta, my home province.  For our family Christmas gift, my parents treated us to a full day in Banff National Park.  On the way we stopped at this historic site near Cochrane, McDougall Church.  It dates to 1875, and represents the first permanent Protestant outreach to the native tribes of the region.

Somehow the picture of that little church reminded me of a picture frame I have with one of our wedding pictures in it.  So I will leave you with that picture, which is one of my favorites from that day.  In just two weeks, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary!

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Debbie Phillips said...

Thanks so much for joining in this week, especially as you are the only one so far. I really love the photos of McDougall Church. So lovely and quaint. I love little country churches. I also love that you shared the photo from you wedding in the frame that looks like a church, very clever thinking of that!! :-) Have a great week. God Bless.

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