Monday, July 23, 2012

V is for... Vacation

Vacations are the best part of the school year, right?  The break from routine, the chance to go somewhere new and do something exciting, and being together with family - so much to get excited about and look forward to!

We're actually planning vacation right now.  Making reservations, planning routes, making a wish list of places to see and things to do.  It would be nice if we had more money to spend to make those things happen, instead of needing to cut things off the list because we just can't afford to do it all.  But we have to decide what's most important, and where we get the most bang for our buck.

One of the things we have always loved about homeschooling is that we are in charge of our own school calendar and don't need to plan our vacations around anyone's schedule but our own.  That means we can visit tourist destinations during the off seasons when they are less crowded, and sometimes that means it costs less.  I'm always on board for "less crowded, costs less" options.  Many years, we take our 'big' family vacation in September or October which has worked out great.

This year we are planning for the end of August.  Our dates aren't set in stone yet, although I've already made some motel reservations and bought tickets for one event.  Now we plan the rest of the trip around that.  We are going to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, and I am so excited.  Visiting Atlantic Canada has been on my personal vacation wishlist for a long time, and although this trip certainly won't include everything that is on my ideal dream vacation list to that destination, there will be a few things I can check off the list! 

The Bay of Fundy


Source: via Kym on Pinterest

Source: via Kym on Pinterest

Source: via Kym on Pinterest

DH wants to see the big airshow in PEI so we bought tickets for that.  There are so many lighthouses and covered bridges in the area that I'm sure we will get more than our fill of those!  Our family has started making a practice of visiting lighthouses whenever we find them at vacation destinations.

My big question - how will we choose a whale-watching tour?  There are so many of them!

What are your vacation plans?  Can you recommend places to see or things to do in Atlantic Canada?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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Mama Of Many Blessings said...

What wonderful ideas for vacation planning! I would love to bring the kids to Canada for a vacation, sometimes choosing which places you will see makes each place you do see a little more special :) Hope you have a wonderful time, we will be planning our vacation around the same time!!

Mama Of Many Blessings

Stefanie said...

I so want to go to PEI. Take me, take me, take me! lol

I miss Guam because we could take real vacations and not be chained to Michigan to keep the family appeased.

Sharon said...

Oh, my girls would love to go to Prince Edward Island. So very fun!

We are planning a short vacation in August. Love the flexibility that homeschooling affords us.

Kirsten @ homeschool discoveries said...

Looks like a wonderful area for a vacation! I wish we were taking a big vacation this year, but instead the more practical financial priority of "save all our extra money for the van replacement fund" won out. We'll have a stay cation this year and hopefully be driving a new to us van on a big vacation next summer!

Kym said...

We are really looking forward to this trip! The kids are starting to get excited too - the boys are happy we'll get to visit with good friends of ours in NB, and Kennady is looking forward to seeing whales. Yesterday she wanted to see a picture of the bridge to PEI.

This is (hopefully) going to be one of our cheaper vacations - we just don't have money to spend on Disney World etc any more, much as we'd like to. Maybe next year!

A Dusty Frame said...

OH MAN! PEI is on my "bucket list".

I hope you post a lot of photos and post a link when you do so I can drool:)

Lizzie TOS crew

Kym said...

Lizzie - I certainly plan to post plenty of pictures!

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