Friday, September 21, 2012

A PEI National Park Photojournal

At long last, I am posting some pictures from the rest of the Prince Edward Island portion of our vacation...

Prince Edward Island National Park
This is not easy to see, but it is a bald eagle.  We spotted it beside the hiking/biking trail as we drove through PEI Nat'l Park, but my camera was being ornery and I didn't get a picture.  Kennady tried taking a picture through the van window, so it didn't turn out very well, but at least we have something!

cormorants in PEI Nat'l Park

Covehead Lighthouse

Covehead Lighthouse - this picture was taken by Kennady.
Covehead Lighthouse
These pictures are from the shore near Covehead.

Near Covehead, we stopped for a snack.  DH tried the lobster roll at Richard's Eatery.  It's possible that the lobster was caught in one of these traps.

My other pictures (so far): A Green Gables Shore Photojournal,  A Prince Edward Island Photojournal, and An Airshow Photojournal.


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