Thursday, September 20, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Back to School

We've been back to school for several weeks now, and for Think Back Thursday we are to focus on Back to School this week.  I shared some of these pictures last year near the beginning of the school year (you can see them on my "old" blog, Just a Second),  but I'll add more recent back to school pictures too.

I was rocking the glasses look way back in first grade:
Good heavens.  Looks like it was a bit of a bad hair day too.  A picture for me to look at whenever I need to be knocked down a peg or two.  LOL

This handsome little fellow is now my hubby:
Remember back in the day when most of wore dressy shoes to school and had to take "gym shoes" with us?  Our gym shoes were ONLY for use in the gym, and their soles were never to touch the ground outside.  LOL  

Can you see the resemblance between father and son?  This was Landon near the beginning of the school year when he was in first or second grade.  Although this was not the "official" back to school picture.  (We also thought he looked a lot like Chicken Little.)

This one is great too - note the caffeinated sodas powering the study session.  It's incredible he could sit still long enough for me to take the picture.

Okay, an official first day photo of Landon...  I love this one, it just makes me want to hug him.

Okay, I'll stop razzing Landon now.  How cute is Kennady on her first day of Grade One?

And now she's in Grade Six.

This is Harrison around eighth grade.

It's almost impossible to get Spencer to cooperate for a picture.  This was the first day of school picture I had to settle for last year.

I love their expressions in this one.  This is Harrison and Spencer during a trip to a living history museum in Steinbach, Manitoba.

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Debbie Phillips said...

Cute photos. Thanks for joining and linking up. My favorites today are Spencer's not looking at the camera picture and the boys at the living history museum. Love those expressions, they look thrilled. When my kids looked like that on field trips I used to tell them, "You could be home doing Math!" It was especially helpful for my girls, though they usually enjoyed the field trips, they struggled with math.

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