Wednesday, September 26, 2012

D is for... Drawings

I promise I decided to do "D is for Drawings" before seeing Marcy's post!  We certainly have had a lot of drawing happen in our home and in our homeschool over the years.  A quick look through the pictures I've shared on the blog over the last couple of years turned up a lot of drawings.  Most of the artistic output comes from Spencer and Kennady.  They are the two that like to draw the most, and they both do quite well at it.

Kennady did his at co-op art class a couple years ago. They had a black and white copy of a photograph of themselves, with half cut away, and they had to fill in the missing half with pencil and charcoal as realistically as possible.
We used Geography Through Art as a supplement to our history/geography study over the last two years, and Landon and Kennady both produced artwork during that time.  These first two are Kennady's drawings - African animals, and an Egyptian cartouche and cat.

I am pretty sure this was Landon's drawing of Big Ben (but I didn't label it!).

We often drew diagrams to help us remember things in science class.  This dead hippo is part of the nitrogen cycle.  LOL

And this very cute crocodile was just a doodle during class.  We were discussing mutually beneficial animal relationships.  Can you see the bird cleaning his teeth?

Last year Spencer did an art course using ARTistic Pursuits for Senior High Students, Book One.  Almost all the projects for this course were pencil or charcoal drawings, with just a few that were in color.  It was interesting to see what subjects he would choose for his drawings.  
Mountain Dew soda can
stacked miniature Stanley Cups (study of repeated patterns and shadows)
hockey goalie seen from above (study of perspective)
Arguably, one of my favorite things Spencer drew all year...

(it's my Tim Hortons coffee mug)
This year Kennady is the one drawing from an ARTistic Pursuits book - Book One for Grades 4-6.  She has produced some very nice work already.  This is just one example.  She had to draw a picture from memory.  She wanted to draw a lighthouse we had visited a few years ago, so she looked at the snapshot, went and drew the picture, and then compared it to the snapshot again.

Kennady also has established a tradition of drawing a manga type face in the back cover of each of her Lifepac Language Arts workbooks when she completes them.  This is one of her favorites, which was intended to be a portrait of me, if I remember correctly!

This was a doodle Kennady did three or four years ago, on scrap paper, after her Sunday School class had been learning about the armor of God.

I have to admit this is one of the most precious to me because it demonstrated that my little girl was learning that God's Word was for HER.  The original is still sitting on my dresser.

I'm looking forward to seeing more drawings and artwork during this year.

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Unknown said...

I love these drawings. That very first one Kennady did is amazing!

Chris Tilley (@hhtales) said...

Love the artwork. This is something my son wants to do. We've been using YouTube videos and I just bought a book but I'm put these books on my wish list for next year.

Shanna said...

You have quite the little artists in your home! I had been planning to do a "Drawing" post as well. Popular topic!

Stefanie said...

Such talent. The hippo is my fav!

Debbie Phillips said...

Great drawings. My favorite is the one of Kennedy that she drew of herself, the first drawing at the top.

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