Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which We Git R Done

In our homeschool... this was a week of trying to settle into some good school routines and just getting the job done.  Nothing spectacular and nothing really new.  Spencer started work on a Graphic Design course this week, and Landon and Kennady had their first taste of the Write With WORLD curriculum we're using.

This week's History lessons focused on the Revolutionary War.  We used America the Beautiful and some unit study materials from Homeschool Legacy (that's for an upcoming review!).

Our backyard compass got put to the test this week as we started doing some observation of sunrise and sunset views.  Unfortunately - and we did know this going in - there is a treeline that makes our eastern view a little sketchy, and no good sight line to the west.  But it was good enough to get the job done.  We started a few other classical astronomy projects as well.

What we didn't get done... Latin.  I really had planned on it, but it didn't happen.

In other news...  this week was kickoff for our church's midweek programs.  The kids program had a carnival and over at the youth program, we had a Hoedown.
temporary barn doors at the youth center!
My choir started practices this week as well, so Tuesday nights just got a lot busier! Really though, it's very convenient that my choir practice and Landon's CAP activities fall on the same evening and at the same time.

I only got one more batch of vacation pictures posted! See them at: A Prince Edward Island Photojournal At this rate, it will be Christmas before I get them all up.  I need to work on that.

I did get a bunch of school stuff purged and organized this week! Yay me! I'd had several boxes of books and who-knows-what sitting on the floor beside blocking access to the piano, and the tuner came this week.  Deadlines are amazing things.  So I got all that cleaned up at last, and now I have a stack of things to give away or sell over the next little while, and I have the things I decided to keep fairly well-organized and put out of the way.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice...  use a timer.  This week I have been setting the oven timer (which has an incredibly loud and annoying beep) to mark what time we break for lunch.  Everyone needs to work on school until that irritating beep interrupts us.  I set it for the end of lunch break, and for the end of the official school day too.  It's not a guarantee that everyone is working hard on Math and English, but it does make the expectation clear.

What's working/not working for us... last week I was frustrated because the boys were sleeping through their alarms almost every day.  We decided on a suitable way to handle late risers and the consequence.  Too soon to know if it will work, but the boys helped me come up with this solution so I am hopeful.  Since we start the school day together, everyone has to get up.  So I will wake them.  BUT, if I have to wake them, they will lose video game/computer privileges.  (Having to go to bed early doesn't work well when they share a room.)

Thoughts/questions I have... I do not know how I will find time for everything... I seriously need to get myself organized.

One of my favorite things this week... some incredible sunsets and a very clear rainbow.  I only wish my camera did them justice.

A photo/video/quote or link to share...
When I open documents on my computer the screen displays "Word" and I'm like "Yo". ~Crowder Music
On the bookshelf...

  • The Killing Way by Tony Hays
  • Educating the Whole-Hearted Child by Clay Clarkson with Sally Clarkson
  • Will You Love Me in September by Philippa Carr
Finished (finally!) The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick.

A parting shot...

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Jennifer said...

I love the rainbow and the cat picture!

We're in our sixth year of homeschooling, and we started at the end of July. I'm still trying to get everything organized. It amazes me how much we get done anyway. ;)

Unknown said...

School routine? Well, we're trying to find one here too! It's only been 2 weeks and we've already changed it. What will next week hold? LOL

Waking up is so hard to do! LOL Jake is my sleeper. He's 13...::wink:: I usually go in and sing a silly wake-up song to him until he groans! He knows I'll be back shortly with more verses (louder and MORE off-pitch) if he does't roll out of bed. ::laugh::

Stefanie said...

I think you're camera did a pretty good job.

And I've been doing my fair share of purging too.

Anonymous said...

I need to use a timer. Mostly for me! We get caught up with school and I often forget to check the clock. We are all starving and when I look up and see that it's because it is 1:30 and we haven't had lunch I know why.

Kym said...

that lunch thing happened to me yesterday! I kept thinking how hungry I was, and then I realized that maybe I should eat lunch. LOL

I sing the wake-up song on Sunday mornings. "Wake up, wake up you sleepyheads! It's time for Sunday School!" anybody know that one?

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