Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Springtime Edition

In our homeschool... we did our best to stay focused this week, but still fell a little short of my goals. This week it was history that suffered a little, because we spent more time with Science and other pursuits.  As it happened though, the day we did the lesson on the civil rights movement, which was primarily about the desegregation of schools in Little Rock, was also the anniversary of the day the civil rights march from Selma began. We thought that was a pretty neat coincidence.

I had finally remembered to buy the styrofoam balls the kids needed to do a couple of the projects in their classical astronomy book, so they worked on that one day.

We also were able to 'attend' an astronomy webinar through SuperCharged Science, which was a new experience for the kids.

We will be reviewing a Progeny Press study guide for the book Treasure Island, so we started reading the book this week and Landon and Kennady did some of the pre-reading research.

In other news... Spencer is finally finished doing rehab on his injured ankle, and even went to gym night with the other guys this week. Now we still have to finish paying all the medical bills, but it looks like we won't be incurring any more! At least not for the ankle.

DH got started on the painting in our family room. We're hoping to get the painting done and that room tidied up before my family comes to visit, although the whole declutter and redecorate project will probably continue for quite some time.

We had a bit of surprise winter weather on Monday evening, which caused a few cancellations, and even a few flurries on Thursday!

Helpful homeschooling tips/advice to share... If you are looking for a good writing program, you might want to check out Essentials in Writing.  We just finished our review (which you can read HERE) and I'd recommend it for all upper grade levels. It's a complete curriculum with teaching by DVD, so it takes a lot of the pressure off Mom! And at a very reasonable price, in my opinion. My Crewmates reviewed almost all the grade levels, so check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to find out more and read other reviews.

What's working/not working for us... my motivation. I think my get-up-and-go has got up and left. As far as the housework goes anyway, and this while I should be busy with spring cleaning! I can't seem to find time and energy simultaneously!

Thoughts/questions I have... where has the time gone? It's already nearing the end of March and in a way I feel like we are still at the beginning of a school year, even though the kids are at least two-thirds or more of the way through all their regular curriculum!

One of my favorite things this week... two related things come to mind - Landon and Kennady getting excited about doing science activities, and Landon being so enthusiastic about Treasure Island.

A photo/video/quote or link to share...
ducklings - Kennady took the picture while at the hardware store on the weekend
On the bookshelf...

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead
  • The Map Across Time by C.S. Lakin
  • Ireland's Saint - The Essential Biography of St. Patrick by J.B. Bury

A parting shot... Fresh baked potato-rye bread. Delicious! I need to go bake another loaf right now, as a matter of fact!


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