Friday, March 29, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Easter

So I looked back through my digital photo albums wondering if I actually take pictures on Easter. I couldn't think of any since my daughter was very little and went to an egg hunt. But I was wrong. For the last several years I have taken pictures of our Easter Sunday tradition! We go to the Hershey Bears hockey game on Easter Sunday!

I know, kind of a strange tradition. But it's worked out great for a few reasons. We usually bought the younger two kids a membership in the kids club, which meant they got a couple of vouchers for free tickets to home games - but those could only be used on Wednesday or Sunday games, which we normally can't get to because we have church activities on Wednesday evenings and DH plays hockey on Sunday evenings. Not to mention, it's a school night (even for homeschoolers!) and Hershey is a bit more than an hour away from here. But on Easter Sunday, hubby's hockey league doesn't play, so we have a day off. The Bears game is rarely sold out for an Easter Sunday game, so it's a great day for us to go.

Easter 2012

I think we missed going in 2011 because of the flooding. That was the year a number of the businesses near the arena in Hershey were damaged by flooding. This picture was taken near our place.
So Kennady and I went for a walk instead. 

In 2010, we not only saw the game, but the Calder Cup was on display.

LOL Kennady grabbed a random photo of Landon - and look! That's me in the background!
Spencer during intermission
At the game in 2008:
Kennady got a new mini Coco toy at that game.
Harrison even went to that one - he was 15
Our other Easter tradition is making Resurrection Rolls. A buttered marshmallow rolled in cinnamon sugar, and baked inside a refrigerated crescent roll. So simple, but my kids have loved these since I first made them when my big boys were little, and ask for them every year. Even Harrison and Spencer, now 20 and 18 years old, still ask for them.

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Debbie said...

We have never made Resurrection Rolls though my dd asked us to buy crescent rolls and marshmallows but I didn't know what for.. so maybe we are giving them a try for the first time this year.

Hockey on Easter... whatever works for you. We are not sports fans around here so that would never be a choice we would make but I am glad you guys enjoy it and have a good time.

We are working on creating new Easter traditions this year since we left the church we had been going to for 16 years. It has been a hard year and I don't do change very well.

God Bless you and your family this Easter. Thanks for linking up to my meme.

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