Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for... Company's Coming!

We've decided it's just about time for our modified spring break. My parents and aunts are arriving later this week and will be staying with us for about ten days. Since our evenings are planned full, that means we have daytime to spend with family, and to that end I am planning to ease up on our schoolwork for the next little bit - and limit my own computer time too! *gasp*
One of the great advantages to homeschooling is that we can do this. I can decide when to take breaks and for what reasons. Sometimes it's a vacation in the fall and we don't do any schoolwork during a break like that. Sometimes it's a day here or there or a four-day weekend because we thought of something fun we want to do, or have a project going on that trumps schoolwork temporarily. In the past, I took Spring (Cleaning) Break because giving the kids a few days off school was the only hope I had of getting some of those cleaning projects done! And sometimes we take a partial break, as we will this week. I'll ask the kids to spend at least a little time each day on a couple of subjects. Spencer will need to put in some time on English and Math to make sure he stays on schedule. I'll require Landon to work on his Math and on the Treasure Island book study he's working on. (That's for a review of Progeny Press study guides, so it's a priority. The really good news is - he enjoys it!) Kennady will need to work on Math and on a lapbook project, which is also for a review of Homeschool In the Woods. 
My kids with Papa and Gramma during their last visit.
So if I'm not around much, I'm enjoying an extended coffee break with my company!
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