Thursday, April 25, 2013

Virtual Refrigerator: Desert Sunset


Kennady did this piece in co-op a few years ago, and she isn't available for me to ask which artist they were studying that week. I want to say C.M. Russell, but I'm not sure. Yes, this piece is actually a couple of years old, but I'm sharing it this week because while my aunts were here they requested a copy of it that they could frame. I took a photo of it and printed it for them, and then "framed" my photo to display on my computer.

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Virtual Refridgerator

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Janis Cox said...

Hi Kym,
Following you from Virtual Refrigerator. I love this.
We are now back from Arizona - but lovely memories. And the sky is awesome.

Jennifer said...

She did a great job on this. I love the colors in the sunset.

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