Monday, June 3, 2013

First Day - June 2013

I do much better at taking pictures for First Day when it falls on a school day. In my defense, I spent all morning on Saturday (once I got up! LOL) driving Landon to a CAP event and doing some shopping, and generally I don't keep the camera handy when I'm driving. Anyway, here are a few pictures from our first weekend in June 2013!

Looks like the lawn needs to be mowed...

okay, somebody else noticed that too.

The cat is inordinately fond of Kennady's flip-flops.

Landon was preparing mini weapons of warfare. LOL

Harrison's new shoes, freshly waterproofed.

It's a good thing Kennady got hold of my camera - gave me a few more pictures to add.

Had friends over for chili on Saturday evening.

Went out for barbecue on Sunday afternoon.

Water bottles ready for hockey on Sunday night.


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Marlo said...

Just visiting from First Day. Love the picture of the colored glass window... I've been wanting to do something like that on our door...

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