Thursday, July 11, 2013

Virtual Refrigerator: Matisse Inspired Cut Paper

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Isn't Pinterest wonderful for finding ideas for arts and crafts projects? About a year ago, I stumbled across a simple project idea that I pinned thinking Kennady might like to try it - a cut paper project inspired by the art of Henri Matisse.
We read the book about Henri Matisse from Mike Venezia's wonderful Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series, and Kennady was excited about doing the cut paper project. It was very simple. All you need is colored cardstock, scissors and glue. For little hands that may not be able to cut out the small shapes like the fish by themselves, you can even use cardboard cutout figures from a craft store.
Fold the card stock in half, and cut wavy lines from the center fold to about a half inch or so from the edge. Fold the strips outward, alternating front and back. Then glue on colored paper cutouts. Fish are the obvious choice and are reminiscent of Matisse's work. The wavy cutout background is also supposed to look like ocean waves.
But there are lots of variations that might be fun. Kennady also made some with hearts that she said would make cute Valentines cards, if it had been a different time of year.
Later, she even made a couple with a SpongeBob SquarePants theme!

I wasn't sure what Henri Matisse would have thought about this, but I had to admire her creativity.

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Jennifer said...

Pinterest does give me so many ideas I'd like to try. That was a neat project, and I like the way your daughter gave it her own spin.

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