Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beauty Captured - Days 4-10

My kids' Bibles are beautiful because of how much the kids value them.

Civil Air Patrol

This is Landon laughing at a video he is watching on his iPod. I love the picture because he had the earbuds in and didn't realize that I had the camera out. I loved the rare opportunity to catch him with a big smile in an unguarded moment, even though it was so dark. (We were in coming home late and I happened to be riding in the second row of seats in the van that night.)

Free books!

Beauty Captured is a daily link-up hosted at The Pebble Pond. The goal is to find beauty in our everyday lives, and to share a picture each day for a year. I plan on sharing my pictures once a week, but hope to remember to take a picture every day!

The Pebble Pond

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Wendy R said...

LOVE the hummingbirds! :D

Miranda Hupp said...

Lovely pictures.

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