Monday, August 12, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Takin' It Easy Edition

In our homeschool...  A nice, easy week, at least for me!

Landon worked on his Bible study, but it's something he does on his own, so all I need to do is check on him now and again. He does work on it every day and it's laid out in daily lessons so it's pretty foolproof. But he takes shortcuts when it requires much writing. I asked him about one response where he'd written a couple words and there was almost an entire page of lines for him to write his thoughts. He told me, "I'm a man of few words." *sigh*

Kennady worked on a lapbook project, some on her own, and some with me. I wished we'd done a little more, because she went to a friend's on Friday which meant we didn't work on it that day at all. She also had a week off from piano and guitar lessons.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share... If you didn't get to all the 5 Days blogs last week (I didn't! I still have a few to read.) I recommend bookmarking the main page and work your way through the list. There are posts on all kinds of homeschool topics, from organization to curriculum choices and everything in between. I contributed 5 Days of Field Trips. Click on the button to go to the main Crew Blog and the list of all contributing bloggers.
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In other news... We got new lenses ordered for Harrison's glasses, and were pretty excited to find out that they were under warranty (which I didn't remember buying, but I have usually done that for the kids' glasses, so - yay, me! It was worth it once again!), meaning that the replacement lenses were less than $20. Good deal.

Kennady spent all day Friday with her friend, and I met them to pick her up on Saturday morning. We hit a flea market and did some shopping before heading home. DH had a hockey tournament on the weekend too.

I met a friend for lunch on Friday and she gave me two big boxes of technical education books that her school was getting rid of. I assured her that I would find good homes for the ones we couldn't use!

One of my favorite things this week... the sound of rain. Well, at least until that awkward moment when I wonder if I closed all the windows in the van...

Things I'm working on...
Last week's goals were:
  • Blogging! - Got all my 5 Days posts up on time, and had a fun week visiting lots of other blogs. Also posted one review and even a last minute Virtual Refrigerator post!
  • Clean up - well... I did get rid of a bunch of stuff to Purple Heart, but I didn't get much else done.
  • My studying - progress. Worked on it, but not as much as I should have.
  • Lesson plans and schoolwork - progress. Just one week left before we start school!
  • Baking - some brownies and biscuits etc, but no bread like I'd hoped.
Five Goals for this week:
  • Blogging - after the little bit of added pressure last week, I will probably take it easy this week. I fell behind with Blogging Through the Alphabet, so I'll try to catch up there, and I'm thinking on a sort of bloggy schedule that I can follow during the school year.
  • Cleaning up - seriously. My living room still needs that yard sale stuff cleaned out of it. And I've got piles of school books and whatever around my desk that need looked after.
  • MY studying - better hurry up!
  • Lesson plans and schoolwork - there's very little schoolwork we have to do this week, but I need to organize our books and make sure I've got some lesson plans and a tentative schedule ready to go, because we start one week from today!
  • Better health choices - To be honest, I've been lazy. I need to lose weight but I haven't been all that motivated to do anything beyond maintain. So I will have to make it a point to start some better habits.
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A photo to share... just a Kennady doodle from last week.

On the bookshelf...
  • The Black Swan by Philippa Carr
  • The Matters at Manfield  by Carrie Bebris
  • The Stones Cry Out by Randall Price
Mercifully, I finished Loving Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan. I really can't tolerate any more of this junk. There's three in the series and I said I would read all three, but I refuse to torment myself with the third. Quite awful. You can read what I really thought on my book blog, Just A Second. Hint: one of the labels I chose for it is 'hours I will never get back'.

A parting shot...

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Carrie said...

You're funny - whenever I hear the rain, I too always think, okay are all windows and doors shut tightly?! Wow, Purple Heart...brings back a ton of memories for me. We donated to them in my hometown :) Yep, I hear you on cleaning up habits. I prayed for God's help on this one. I started replacing a few things I eat, like raw nuts in place of crackers. And slowly have added more whole foods and lots of exercise. Can I say it takes 40ish bodies a bit longer to respond than a 20 something?! Enjoyed reading your weekly journal!

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