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Virtual Refrigerator: Quilting

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As we are on vacation and visiting my family this week, I thought I would share some of the artistry of my mom and my aunts, and how it's being passed on to my daughter. Like many in her generation, my grandma made her own quilts. Usually the tops were patched from scraps of fabric left over from sewing the family's clothes. I have some of the quilts Grandma made and treasure them. My aunts have been carrying on the quilting tradition for many years as well, and although one of the two does most of the sewing, it has been their practice that both of them have a hand in the stitching and construction at some point, especially for the beautiful quilts they've created to give as gifts. This is my wedding quilt that they made for me.
For a family reunion we had some years ago, my aunts made sure each family member had a flour sack quilt to take home with them. These are two of the ones I now have.

wall hangings my mom made for my living room
wall hanging made by my aunts for my living room - we have a lodge type theme.
My aunts made this wall-hanging for my daughter when she was just a toddler. 
My mom started doing more quilting several years ago too, and she does more in the way of wall-hangings. When she was here for a visit a couple years ago, Kennady was doing a home ec book that taught sewing and cooking. I allowed her and Gramma to use the sewing projects that they liked out of the book and be as creative as Kennady wanted to be. The projects turned out to be pretty easy, so Kennady decided that she wanted to design and make her own appliqued and quilted wall-hanging. She drew the design herself, chose fabric with Gramma's help, and then made this little wall-hanging. Kennady did all the work - Gramma provided instruction and guidance, but the design and handiwork are all done by my girl.

Kennady hasn't regularly worked on sewing or quilting - she kind of gets interested in spurts - but she has a quilter's love of fabrics and colors and one of her favorite haunts is a quilt shop/fabric store.
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Brittney said...

What a great handicraft to pass on. I never did learn quilting (or knitting, sewing, etc) but I love looking at other's talent!

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