Saturday, November 9, 2013

Teaching Geography {Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge}

This week's photo challenge at The Canadian Homeschooler has Geography as its theme. Geography is a favorite subject of mine, yet I have never taught it as a stand-alone subject in our homeschool. Instead, geography is a major part of our history and social studies every year, and sometimes has been very important as we study science as well. As usual, it's difficult to get pictures of my students actually working on the subject, because they just don't like their pictures taken that much!

I think geography is so important to teach because it affects history and culture. Historical events are shaped by the landscapes and climates in which they occur. This is most obvious when studying wars and human migration. But local geography also influences how cultures develop and the folk arts. Understanding the literature and legends of earlier times and other cultures is easier when we know a little bit about the environment. Even our understanding of the Bible is enhanced when we know about the landscapes and places that are mentioned!

This year our social studies course is focusing on the Americas, and one of our ongoing projects is to try dishes from the different countries. We learn a bit about each of the countries, not just where they are on the map, but what the land and its people are like. I am trying to update on our food adventure regularly with the Eating the Americas series.

These books are a couple of my frequent resources for the recipe project:
Other geography favorites are Geography Through Art and Map Trek.
Geography Through Art does just that - teaches geography and how it influences art and culture, and includes projects that explore art from all around the world. We have done some of these projects this year as we've started studying South America, and there will be more to come!

Map Trek is a wonderful resource for teaching history and geography together, and we refer to these maps often in our homeschool. You can read my Schoolhouse Crew review of this resource HERE.

You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - Geography and share your own pictures.

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Lisa Marie Fletcher said...

Thanks for joining in this week's Homeschool Weekly Photo! I love how you are incorporating geography into your homeschool through a wide approach. The art book looks really neat - never really thought of that as geography before, but you are right! It is! See you again next week! :D

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