Sunday, December 15, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Snow Days Edition

Yes, we had snow days this week! For some reason the snow has thrown off my blog posting schedule, such as it is. And I know that snow days are not supposed to affect homeschoolers, but how can we pass up the chance to go out and play in the snow, even if it means we put off our math or social studies for another couple of days?

In our homeschool... between Christmas activities, late nights (which lead to late start mornings), and the snow days, we didn't get a whole lot of actual studying done this week. Just a little English and Math to keep us going.
how can I convince this kid to work the equations on a separate piece of paper???
Lots of phys.ed. because there was snow to shovel and to play in!
collecting unusual icicles

Social Studies - We started focusing on the southern Caribbean islands this week, and read a lot about Trinidad and Tobago. We even enjoyed a Trinidadian meal on Friday evening. And earlier in the week we made cookies from South America.

Music/Art - Kennady's choir practice and her music lesson had to be cancelled this week because of snow, but she had still worked hard practicing. Some members of her choir sang for a local business breakfast on Friday morning. There was a final rehearsal on Saturday afternoon (and I counted it as Phys.Ed. for ME because I did not park wisely. Kennady and I had to climb roughly a bajillion steps - outside in the cold and snow! - before we got to the correct building!) The Winter Celebration concert was on Sunday afternoon and was absolutely wonderful!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share... snow days can be phys.ed. credit!
attempting body-surfing on ice-covered snow!
In other news... Monday and Tuesday were snow days, causing cancellation of a lot of activities. It was a nice break from all the running around, but I went out as originally planned on Tuesday night anyway and met a friend for coffee. I'm glad I did. And since Kennady didn't have choir rehearsal, Harrison took her to the movies. Isn't that the sweetest thing?

On Thursday night, we got a visit from Santa Claus and his friends at the local volunteer fire department. Funny how the Santa bags of treats delighted even my big kids!
Members of Kennady's choir were invited to sing some Christmas songs at the local town's monthly business breakfast.
The next round of snow started late Friday night so some things on Saturday were cancelled.

I went with Kennady to her choir concert on Sunday afternoon, which was fantastic!
Sunday evening we had a church spaghetti dinner, followed by a short musical program, and then we went caroling in the church 'neighborhood'.

One of my favorite things this week... For visual beauty, the snow. For musical beauty, the choir concert. Closely followed by the experience of caroling through the neighborhood. A different quality of singing, but I loved that we had this group of about 50 people of all ages participating in the old tradition of caroling, which I suspect is becoming something of a lost art. Also, several of the teen boys went out ahead of the carolers to shovel walks at houses that still needed it done. Just to be neighborly.

Things I'm working on... once I got my oven installed, I was able to work on Christmas baking!! Hooray!! I didn't work nearly as hard as I should have on the housecleaning and holiday preparation things on my to-do list. I got started on some of the things on my bloggy update to-do list - things like getting a Twitter account (which I have little clue what to do with at this point, but I'm figuring it out), and doing some housekeeping things with the pages and labels and all. I'm not getting through the list as fast as I'd like though, and still didn't get to updating my book blog! It's woefully behind.

My posts this week included:
A photo to share... perhaps it wasn't that great to drive in, but the snow was truly beautiful!

On the bookshelf...
  • Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven - Rory Noland
  • Pride and Honour - Nathaniel Burns
  • Courting Miss Lancaster - 
  • Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
  • The Housemaid's Daughter - Barbara Mutch
A parting shot... Google has done this to a few of my pictures - added snow! Fun!

For the Display of His Splendor
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