Monday, March 3, 2014

First Day - March 2014

first day

I started the day earlier than a lot of Saturdays because the hubster went in to work. Coffee was much appreciated.

Unfortunately, cough and cold medicine was also needed. I had started coughing on Wednesday, and things were getting much worse instead of better.

The mail lady brought me a book I'd won on a blog giveaway!

I had to spend some time napping in the afternoon because I was just feeling too rotten to do anything else, including taking pictures. When it was time to take the second-oldest boy to work in the afternoon, the hubs and I took Kennady along for the ride so we could do some shopping afterwards. She needed a batting helmet and new cleats for softball.
We brought take-out home for dinner, after which I promptly went to bed! So my First Day March 2014 post is fairly short! The weather was still decent on Saturday, but we were hit with another winter storm yesterday, so it seems like March is taking that "in like a lion" thing pretty seriously. Hopefully it will be more like a lamb for the rest of the month.

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Audra Silva said...

Our weather has been crazy, too. Here's hoping for a mild March. :) Love your photos. I hope you feel better quick!

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