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Homeschool Mother's Journal: End of February Edition

In our homeschool... while it wasn't a stellar week, we were certainly more productive than the previous weeks while we watched Olympics! Everyone was feeling better, and we had less going on to distract us. I decided that Social Studies could continue on hiatus, since we were on track there, and hopefully we could spend a little more time on other subjects. Well, that didn't exactly happen, but at least the other subjects did get some attention again!

Landon is cruising along just fine with Algebra, and Kennady is getting back on track with her math. We checked out CTC Math this week, and she seemed very excited about it, so I've signed her up for a trial so we can get a better idea. (We started looking at it because it is in the Schoolhouse Review Crew's list of upcoming review products, and we sure hope we will be able to participate in the review!)

Kennady did a few drawings in Art class this week, as well as a quick project of Mexican folk art. Choir and music lessons went ahead as scheduled this week, and I was glad to hear from Kennady's music teacher that she is in great shape as far as getting ready for the spring recital. And there's still lots of time to continue to prepare!
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This weekend, I'm preparing a timetable for schooldays over the next week or possibly two weeks. There's been way too much slacking going on around here (on all fronts, and by all concerned parties) so we will have at least one week of "boot camp" again, where I crack the whip. Science will be subject that gets pushed to the forefront, because it has been probably the most neglected subject this year.

In other news... Canada repeats as Olympic gold medalists in hockey. Just in case you weren't aware of that. 8-D

We had lovely warm weather this week, as well as cold and windy weather. As a result, I now have a nasty cough. I am so not a fan of that.

My hubby and I joined the gym just over a week ago, and on Monday I met with the trainer and was taken through the exercise plan he developed for me. Oh.My.Word. Let me just say, my core was in worse shape than I'd expected. By Tuesday evening I was feeling it (and not in a particularly good way) in my legs and abs, and when I started coughing (rotten timing) on Wednesday, I was muttering imprecations against the trainer. LOL By Thursday my muscle aches were fine again, and the subsequent workouts were fine, but the coughing.... oy. Like coughing isn't already annoying enough.

And finally, today I got Kennady signed up (or at least a verbal agreement in place) to play softball this spring. I'd procrastinated and forgotten about it repeatedly, and today was my personal deadline to get it done. Of course, now we'll need to go buy the equipment she needs. She needs her own helmet this year, and I'll bet she needs to replace her glove and cleats too. While we're at it, we might as well buy a new bat.

One of my favorite things this week... my week started with a gold medal hockey game, which was a definite highlight!  Oh, and check out my spectacular mail delivery one day this week:
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I recommend...  this article about a 4yo girl who makes the most awesome paper dresses! Isn't she the sweetest?

On my blog this week...

On the bookshelf...
  • The Scarlet Contessa - Jeanne Kalogridis
  • City of Jasmine - Deanna Raybourng
  • Gods and Kings - Lynn Austin
Finished The Headmistress of Rosemere by Sarah E. Ladd. Finished listening to Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen. (Now I need to get the radio/CD player working in the van again, because I have nothing left to listen to!)

A parting shot...
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Remember our Phinger Photo-bombs? They're baaa-aaaack!

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