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Eating the Americas: Perfect for Summer

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This week the Schoolhouse Review Crew members were asked to share our summer recipes in a blog round-up. First, I have to admit that I don't really enjoy cooking, so maybe my blog is not the best place to come for recipes. Then again, maybe it is, because if I've tried it and been reasonably successful, you can be sure that it's an easy recipe! One thing I do enjoy is trying foods from the different countries and cultures we study in our homeschool, and this past school year we had an ongoing project of doing this for the countries of the Americas. Some of the recipes were well-received, and others not so much. I've collected up some of the recipes that were not only successful with my family, but seem particularly appropriate for summer.

A quick and easy dinner that will be appearing on our table several times this summer is Panchos. These are Uruguayan style hot dogs, and the main difference from American hot dogs is the toppings. (See: Eating the Americas: Panchos)

Another big winner that is perfect for summer is Corn on the Cob with Fried Cheese from Bolivia. Nothing simpler, really. Just boil up sweet corn on the cob, fry some queso de frier or queso blanco, and slap a slice of that delicious cheese on each cob of corn. (See: Eating the Americas: Argentina and Bolivia)

I think Cuban Sandwiches make a good summer meal too. Use up leftover roast pork tenderloin to make this hearty grilled sandwiches. (See: Eating the Americas: Cuban Sandwich)

Our most recent main dish winner was Jamaican Jerk Chicken. During the summer, we like to grill or smoke often, so this is something we'll be trying again. One advantage is that because these are chicken pieces, they cook more quickly on the smoker than whole birds or roasts, so we don't need to plan ahead as much. (See: Eating the Americas: Jamaican Jerk Chicken)

Desserts are a pretty safe way to sample foods from another country, at least at my house, because we all have a sweet tooth! One dessert that was very easy and yummy (and would be fun for little ones to help with) is Brazilian Birthday Candies. (See: Eating the Americas: South American Sweet Treats)
In that same post, you'll see that we also had Brazilian batidas - smoothies made with fruit juice, sweetened condensed milk, ginger ale, and crushed ice. Very refreshing for summer!

If you'd like to check out all of my posts from this series, you can use this link: Eating the Americas.
Eating the Americas
If you try any of these recipes, leave a comment and let me know! Other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew are blogging about this subject and you can see the collection of posts in our Fresh Summer Recipes Round-up. (That link will be live on Wednesday, June 4th, with a summary of all the Crew's posts in one place.) In the meantime, you can check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to read the current articles and see the reviews we're working on.
Favorite Curriculum Choices

This post is also linked to the Summer Cooking Inspiration Round-up on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog. (Friday, June 10th, 2016)
Summer Inspiration

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