Thursday, June 12, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator: Orangutans

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I'm going back to the archives again this week, while Kennady is on a bit of a break. The following project is one of the easy and fun things my boys did a number of years ago. If I remember correctly, the project was inspired when we touched on the country of Indonesia during Social Studies, and talked about the orangutans that live in that region. We did sketches of orangutans and colored them using a very simple wax resist method that gave them a little bit of an idea as to how batik fabric is created. I no longer remember exactly where these instructions came from, and a quick google search brought up any number of batik style art lessons for kids of varying degrees of difficulty and different techniques. My kids were early elementary and preschool age when we did these, so this is one of the simplest methods.

To make the sketches, I traced some general features from a couple of photographs of orangutans in marker, then had the kids trace and sketch from those onto their own paper, using white crayon. Then we soaked their drawings in orange-colored water. This worked perfectly for our subject - orange orangutans!

Bonus Update!! I found some pictures of us working on this! Apparently it was in 2006 and it was Spencer, Landon, and Kennady who did these. (Not sure where the third finished piece is, but I think the two above must be Kennady's and Landon's.) They would have been about 12, 7, and 5 years old at the time. Look how cute!

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Jennifer said...

What a neat project. My son has been enjoying "invisible ink" writing with lemon juice, so would probably enjoy creating pictures like these.

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