Monday, September 22, 2014

Homeschool Weekly: Middle School Monday Edition

Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday! This weekend was crazy and I never got a chance to post my weekly summary, so I am combining it with Middle School Monday. Most of the schoolwork that got done was from my middle schooler anyway. 

In our homeschool... Kennady worked on a little bit of everything last week, and mostly on her own.

Her Geography study shifted to the Visits in Europe book, and she started looking at the first country on the list - the United Kingdom. Although the focus is on England for now, I thought it timely as Scotland just held its vote regarding independence. Kennady didn't follow that news on her own, but it's something we'll be discussing a little this week.
In English, she is reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson right now.

Math, with Life of Fred, has been going very well, and I'm happy to report that there are still no complaints from her about having to do math, and she's understanding the material for the most part.

I was a bit surprised at how much she was interested in the simple activity suggested in her Science book this week. As part of the study about the Flood and geology (background to her study of weather and climate), she made a "flood in a jar" - soil, sand, small rocks, and some twigs and leaves in a mason jar, along with water. It was sealed and shaken up, then allowed to sit so that all the contents could settle, and we observed how it settled into layers.


In other news... softball practices were cancelled this week because many of the girls - and then the coach - were sick! Not Kennady though, thankfully. They played yesterday and won; and Kennady had a pretty good game personally.

The hubster and I made a quick trip out of town Friday and Saturday, so Kennady stayed at a friend's and got to go to a local Christian music festival. That was very exciting for her!

One of my favorite things this week... was having Kennady sing with our worship team at church again.

I recommend... checking out The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog, in particular the reviews posted for My Student Logbook, which we found to be a great tool in our homeschool. I think it's especially good for middle schoolers, because it helps them learn to manage their own time and gets them in the habit of keeping the kind of logbook and records that will make high school transcripts easy.
My Student Logbook review

On my blog this week...

A parting shot... So Kennady has this mini-safe, and last week she decided to update it by painting it and decorating it with a few of her favorite things - Agents of SHIELD and Lord of the Rings. LOL

What did you do with your middle schoolers last week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Weekly Wrap-Up  
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Unknown said...

I kinda mix up Cati's doings with Sam's doings....Middle School Meets Elementary School! LOL Sounds like Kennedy is an independent learner!

Kym said...

Hi Jessy! Yes, Kennady is getting the hang of learning independently.
This is the first year that she and Landon are not doing any subjects together, but we got here gradually. :-)

Meg Falciani said...

I really should make an effort to join this! Matthew is my middle-schooler -- and he's well...kinda lost in the middle.

Kym said...

Meg - I would love to have you join!

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