Friday, September 12, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Post-Vacation, Reading, and Tomatoes

The Pebble Pond

Random 5 on Friday
  1. Turns out it's harder to stay on track in school when one kid is working mornings. Who knew? Just one more thing to add to the schedule.
  2. We had a great time on vacation last week, despite minor colds and sniffles; a twisted ankle (yours truly); and a little bit of car trouble. The weather was great, and we enjoyed swimming, hiking, visiting caves, and eating out. And also deer eating out of our hands. Yes, that happened.
  3. I provided food for an obscene number of mosquitoes on Wednesday night. The odd thing is that I never noticed, and I think the bites were time-release or something. This is the itchiest I've been all summer.
  4. I've been doing a little more reading lately, thanks to vacation time. I finished two Georgette Heyer books on vacation, and read a brand new Mary Connealy book as soon as we got home. (You can see what I thought about these books on my book blog, Just A Second.)
  5. Kennady wanted to make sure the birds and bugs didn't get her tomatoes, so she started picking them. I guess I will need to figure out how to make/can tomato sauce or something!

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a49erfangirl said...

Hope your ankle gets to feeling better. If you go to Fleet Farm and maybe even in the grocery stores too there are packets of Mrs Wages Mixes that you can use for the tomatoes. I did pizza sauce, ketchup and I tried the salsa this year. Much easier then having to get and cut multiple ingredients. We will be trying the pizza sauce this weekend. The mosquitoes here have been horrible. Sounds like you had a great vacation.

A Stable Beginning said...

Hope your ankle heels quickly and it sounds like you had a great vacation.

Tess said...

Between, last Saturday and yesterday I have 20 Quarts and 21 pints. Ok really 19 quarts and 20 pints cause I already used 1 quart and 1 pint. I think canning tomatoes is easier than making sauce. When i want "sauce" I just take a jar of tomatoes and whiz it up in my Vitamix. What a blessing to have home grown tomatoes!

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