Friday, September 12, 2014

T is for... Tenth Grade

Tenth Grade. It takes some getting used to, realizing that we are getting so close to the end of the homeschooling adventure with this kid. (And the youngest kid isn't far behind either!)

We have kinda sorta started our school year already. Landon started mid-August with a couple of his courses - World History and Algebra - then took a week off for vacation, and planned to start a full schedule of courses this week. However, he also started his part-time seasonal job this week, so he works four weekday mornings. We weren't sure what to expect as far as his hours, and I had basically figured he would work one full day, or maybe two mornings. Nope - four mornings. And they probably would have had him for all five, except that we decided he could not be available to work on Tuesdays, because that day is crammed full of activities already. So. That means we are spending this week figuring out how to mesh the work schedule and the homeschool expectations.

Landon is planning the following courses for this year:

World History/Bible/Lit - Using Exploring World History from Notgrass, Landon will complete all of the history and Bible coursework for two full credits. There is also a full credit worth of English (Literature and Composition) included in the course, but he will do a portion of that work. For the Literature component, there are 13 novel-length books (if I remember correctly) and a large number of essays, poems, and other short works included. He will be reading some of the novels, and all of the short works, so he will earn a half-credit in Literature. He will do some of the writing assignments, and combined with his Grammar coursework and at least one essay-writing intensive course, he will earn a credit in Grammar and Composition.

Grammar/Composition - The grammar course we'll use is Analytical Grammar, which we reviewed a couple months ago. And the essay-writing course he is currently working on will count towards this credit as well. He is doing Essay Rock Star: The Expository Essay from Fortuigence. (We're reviewing this course for the Schoolhouse Review Crew - come back in October for the full review!)

Algebra II - Landon has been doing great with VideoText Interactive (which we reviewed last year) and will finish the Algebra course this year for his full credit in Algebra II.

Practical Drafting - Landon agreed to do the Practical Drafting course from Insight Technical Education for a credit that will probably fulfill the requirement for a technology course. We could also make a case for it being a fine arts course, since it is drawing, so we'll keep that option in our back pocket since Landon is not really interested in studying music or art. (I am going to try to convince him to take a course in Graphic Design - I think that would probably suit his style and clearly fall into the fine arts category.)

Nutrition - We just got started reviewing courses at Standard Deviants Accelerate, and are going to focus on the Nutrition course. We'll use that as the basis for a half credit health course. (Come back in October for the full review of this resource!)

Phys.Ed. - Landon takes a co-op gym class once a week, and participates in open gym nights as often as possible. Together with the sports activities that he does here and there, he should easily log enough hours for a half-credit.

Civil Air Patrol  - Considering the number of hours put in at Civil Air Patrol meetings and events, as well as the study required, Landon earns a full credit for this each year. We call the course Aerospace Education and Leadership.

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