Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting Back to Normal Photojournal

It's rumored that we will be back to a "Normal" school schedule this week, but that depends on the definition of "Normal".  I'm not sure how easy it is to capture our homeschool day in pictures, as this Schoolhouse Crew Blog Cruise suggests, because we go many different directions, and my kids have this thing about being in pictures now. In other words, their thing is that they don't want to be in the pictures.
Ha! She didn't lean far enough out of the picture!
Believe it or not, we do have a loose schedule or routine for our days. Only Tuesday is drastically different on a regular basis. Some of the pictures I'll use are from the last few days, and some are older. Here goes...

I get up with the working men of the family and make sure they (and I!) have the coffee they need to start their day! The two oldest boys leave around 6:30 most mornings, and the hubster leaves about 20 minutes later. Then I have some time to myself, to enjoy my coffee and Bible reading, followed by checking emails and message boards, reading and writing blogs, and other computer pursuits. Sometime before the students get up, I look over the Homeschool Tracker to refresh my memory about what they are working on, what's due that day, etc.
My coffee. I don't expect the menfolk to drink out of a Tinkerbell mug.
Once the kids are up and have had breakfast, we hit the books. It's not always the same routine, but in general Kennady starts with Geography, while Landon likes to start with Algebra.

While we have definite preferences about what subject we start with, for the rest of the day, it's flexible. Lately, Landon has been working on History and Literature a little bit in the afternoons (he was working in the mornings); and spent as much time as he could working on an essay-writing course. Now that he is finished work for several weeks, he will get back to doing Algebra four or five times a week, and will spend more time on History. Plus, he's ready to start his Technical Drawing course.

Kennady often gets her Science done in the morning as well. Science involves a bit of reading, and whenever we can, includes some hands-on activities.

She works on Math (Life of Fred) and Language Arts (Lightning Lit and Comp) on her own. Recently she has been working on writing a short story for Language Arts. She also does Art projects occasionally.

What has she got against paragraphs?
During the day, there is usually plenty of goofing around, and it's not always confined to lunch break! Sometimes we work on chores during the school day - yard work falls into this category most often, because it's best done during the day.
Kennady's favorite lunch is still that old stand-by - PB&J
Because Landon and Kennady both can do the majority of their schoolwork on their own, you would think that I would get a lot of other stuff done around the house. Sadly, that's not the case. I tend to putz around close to wherever Kennady is working, because she likes to talk her way through everything and consults me a lot. But I guess I need to retrain myself to spend more of the time I have available during the day in getting those "projects" around the house finished.

I try to do grading as we go, but that isn't always practical. Fortunately for me, the kids are both getting very good at keeping their My Student Logbook checklists up to date, and dating their work. That's making it possible for me to grade some things, such as Landon's History, every few days or so. (My Student Logbook is a wonderful tool in our homeschool - read our review from a couple weeks ago!)

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Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

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