Thursday, October 9, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator: Greek-Inspired Emoticons

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Before I display what we created this week, I get to share something new we'd like to try on the Virtual Fridge - a monthly Art Challenge. For a lot of us, if we aren't following a specific art curriculum (and sometimes, even if we are!), we run out of ideas to incorporate art into our homeschools. The hosts of the Virtual Refrigerator put our heads together and decided to give a themed challenge to each other and to our readers each month. For October, the theme is Autumn Leaves, and we'd like to you to link up and pin your artwork that features autumn leaves in some way. We'll be featuring themed submissions to the Fridge as we go along. Please continue to share any art posts on our Virtual Fridge as well - we love seeing all of them! - and we hope the theme provides a little additional challenge and inspiration!

October's Art Challenge: Autumn Leaves
Need ideas for the challenge? Here are a couple things from my archives:
Kennady's autumn sketch from about a year ago, showing leaves falling from the tree.

Saw this beautiful piece at our homeschool art show last year.
We haven't done this yet, but I sure want to!
I'd also like to feature this great DIY Leaf Candle linked by A Little Pinch of Perfect last week:

Now, here's what is on my Fridge this week - and it's not Autumn Leaves; that might be next week!

I had asked Kennady to do a perspective sketch of the Parthenon last week as part of her Geography study, since we were looking at Greece. Well, she struggled with it, and didn't enjoy it, despite having done such a great sketch of Stonehenge just the week before. So after a few attempts that ended in frustration, I suggested we try to think of a different art project she could do that would be representative of Greece somehow. Pinterest came to the rescue! I found some ideas for simple comedy and tragedy masks inspired by the classical Greek theater. This art lesson plan from Mrs. Crosbie was our inspiration although we opted to make our masks very simple:
Pinned from
I printed out this picture I found with some fun ideas for emotion masks.
And then Kennady set to work making a simple template and designing her own emoticon masks.
From left to right, she titled her emoticon masks Crazy, Annoyed, Fangirl, and Happiness.


These were so simple to make - just cut the shapes out of cardstock using scissors and an exacto knife. Kennady taped craft sticks to the bottom of each for a handle, and left the slight fold in the center to give them shape.

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