Thursday, November 20, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator - Thanksgiving

Welcome to another edition of the Virtual Refrigerator! This weekly blog hop is co-hosted by A Glimpse of Our LifeAngels of HeartHomeschool Coffee Break, and Every Bed of Roses. We all cordially invite you to add your link sharing the art that's on your Virtual Refrigerator and then hop over to the other blogs and admire what's on their Fridges! 
November's Art Challenge: Thanksgiving
The hosts of the Virtual Refrigerator put our heads together and decided to give a themed challenge to each other and to our readers each month. For November, the theme is Thanksgiving, and we'd like to you to link up and pin your artwork related to that theme. We'll be featuring themed submissions to the Fridge as we go along. Please continue to share any art posts on our Virtual Fridge as well - we love seeing all of them! - and we hope the theme provides a little additional challenge and inspiration!

December's Art Challenge: Christmas
Bet you didn't see that coming at all, did you? LOL

So finally, I got Kennady to do some Thanksgiving themed art this week. She got our her ARTistic Pursuits book (Middle School Book Two, specifically) which she hasn't completed, and wanted to get going on the units using oil pastels. When looking for objects to draw for the still life, I suggested she look around the house for something that she could associate with Thanksgiving, because "find an object to draw" is just a bit too broad an instruction! But I might have to explain how this first picture is related to Thanksgiving. This is my scent-warmer and yes that is a Canadian maple leaf on the front of it. Why is it "Thanksgiving"? Because the scent in it is a spicy fall scent that reminds us all of hot apple cider and holiday baking; because it's a colorful fall leaf; because our family celebrates both Canadian and American Thanksgiving; and because we will be with Canadian family this year for Thanksgiving.

 This picture of pumpkins is probably more self-explanatory!

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