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5 on the Fifth - February 2015

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Welcome to another round of the 5 on the Fifth link-up hosted by Marcy at Ben and Me. Quick recap of the "rules": Each blogger participating writes a post highlighting five blog posts (from others!) that really caught their eye over the past month or so, and we pin and share the posts too. Here are some of the posts that stood out to me over the past couple of weeks: featured on 5 on the Fifth @

Why I Think Jesus Would Be On Facebook at Holley Gerth - I loved this because of its positive and encouraging take on the value of virtual friendships. No, social media and message boards shouldn't ever be a full substitute for in-person community and interaction, but these friendships are real and fill needs. Go see what Holley has to say, and see what you think!

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me and the hubster on our wedding day.
I think my parents would have picked him for a son-in-law if I hadn't chosen him myself!

How to Pick Your Future Son-in-Law by Jaime at Coffee Cups & Camisoles - I know I can't really pick out my future son-in-law, but Jaime offers some good thoughts on how to help ensure that our daughters choose well. We kid around about who is on my "short list" for Kennady - although she doesn't know for sure who is on it, she and I have had many conversations already about the qualities she will need to look for in any young man who wants to win her heart.

Talking to God by - Featured in 5 on the Fifth @
Talking to God - But Asking Amiss at Raventhreads - I really appreciated this insight into how good God is to answer our prayers, even some of the ones in which we "ask amiss".
Three Tips for Sticking to a Homeschool Budget by Tara at Embark on the Journey - Some real practical tips to keep spending under control in our homeschools. It can be so tempting to buy all those shiny, new curricula and books, and let's face it, a lot of us homeschoolers have a bit of an obsession with books... Tara's tips are smart advice for new and experienced homeschoolers. (Tara also blogs at This Sweet Life, and is a fellow Crew member.)

The Art of Organization... or How Clutter Almost Ruined My Homeschool! by Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds - This was Susan's entry in the "Seeking Beauty" week on the Virtual Curriculum Fair. Most of us wrote about fine arts or music, but Susan shared how streamlining and organizing her books and resources brought beauty and peace into their homeschool.

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