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Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

In our homeschool... It seems like I never take pictures of our schoolwork any more. I guess maybe it's no longer as "cute" as when the kids were little. In any case, just like most weeks, we worked hard on some things and let a few things slide a little. Landon was hard at work in Algebra, now that he can watch the video lessons again! At the end of the week, we ran out of printer ink, so he wasn't able to finish the last lesson practice. It's always something! He also worked hard on Notgrass World History, and on Drafting, and we did a bit of work with Analytical Grammar again. It's been awhile since I had him write an essay, so I think I will make sure he has one assigned for the coming week.

Kennady's focus was on Literature and Math this week, and she did some Geography as well. Science still needs to be caught up, but with all the disruptions this week, we didn't get very far with that. Oh, and it was yet another week with music lessons, choirs, and Civil Air Patrol cancelled.

In other news... Yeah, I'm still not sure why all the stuff on Tuesday was cancelled, when the snow didn't really come down until Thursday morning! We did have church activities on Wednesday evening, but the attendance was really low. I assume it was because people were unwilling to take a chance that the freezing rain and snow in the forecast for late that night would arrive while they were driving home. Anyway, we enjoyed a relaxed evening at youth, and then had worship team practice afterwards. Kennady will be on worship team with us tomorrow, but her friend that was going to be singing with us was ill and couldn't make practice.

As I said, the snow started in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and I guess we must have got almost a foot of snow. It was lovely lightweight powdery stuff though, fairly easy to shovel and clear from driveways once it stopped coming down. While it was snowing, the visibility was not good, and I was relieved that Harrison made it to and from work safely that day.
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Obviously, the public schools were closed Thursday and Friday, so on Friday evening, the church hosted a sledding party at the youth center. Fun for the kids, but I didn't stay because I had to pick up Spencer from work that evening.

This morning I got up earlier than I usually do on Saturdays and actually made breakfast - Spanish-style French toast. Spanish toast? I don't know. Then I took Kennady to a music practice and did some shopping, and now I'm here trying to get this weekly summary posted so I can have a nap. ;-)
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Things that made me smile... fresh baked bread, sparkling white snow, and a sense of accomplishment after shoveling the driveway! (Not that I want to have to do that very often!)
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

34 Weeks of Clean...
I'm participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays and this week we were supposed to be cleaning up our book collections. We have a LOT of books, and there really wasn't time this week to deal with all the places we keep our books. Shortly before Christmas, I had gone through a lot of the books in my room, and I took several boxes of books to the church library. So I felt like I could leave my room alone for the time being, even though my hubby and I each have a large bookcase and I know for sure mine could use a purging. I will have to work on that.

We have/had a lot of books in the living room too. What I did was go through those bookshelves and stacks of books and select a bunch that will be donated or sold. These are some of them - I already got rid of another couple stacks.
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

The "keepers" are in this bookcase at the other end of the room, and unfortunately I can't really get to it right now, because of the furniture shoved to that end of the living room so it's out of the way of the water damage.  So it's actually rather untidy, but I do know that they are all books we want to keep - somewhere. You can see that some of my knick-knacks got plopped on this shelf when they were removed from other furniture that had to be moved, and that some of the "keeper" books were simply dumped on the floor in front! That's as far as I could reach!
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Good news for the living room - the insurance company should be telling us how much our settlement will be this week, and as soon as I have a number from them, we can get together with a contractor and start making plans for the repairs. I had planned to get stuff boxed up and ready to move out of the living room today, but we don't have boxes. Hubby promised to bring some home for us next week so we can finish that job.
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @
 For Week 10, the assignment is the Entry, and as you can see, it's another area of my house in real need of a makeover! Especially since it was torn apart by the water damage too. For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

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Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

On the bookshelf...

Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson

I finished reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman - you can read my review of that one and others at my book blog, Just A Second. I just finished The Legend of the Firefish (Trophy Chase Trilogy) by George Bryan Polivka, and will be writing a review of that one too.

A parting shot... I took pictures shortly after dawn, and again late morning, of three different views from my house, so I could compare.
Homeschool Weekly - Welcome March @

Weekly Wrap-Up


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BARBIE said...

I always enjoy your posts, although I don't always comment. I am gearing up to being homeschooling again, my 7th grader in the fall.

Michele said...

Love the snow pictures- so beautiful! I am impressed that despite your water damage you keep pressing forward! Even when we feel like we are just hitting the surface, we are still moving ahead. Your attitude should inspire the masses, Kym! Glad to hear that you are making head way with the insurance people. Thanks again fro linking up!

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