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Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break

In our homeschool... it was a week full of interruptions and distractions! We are trying to keep up with our regular schoolwork, plus we have several Schoolhouse Crew reviews we are working on as well -Landon has DrumsWithWillie, and Kennady has Latina Christiana (she said grace in Latin at dinner last night!) and a Once-A-Week unit study from Homeschool Legacy. Another review item arrived for her this week - Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia.  Both kids are starting work on the Student Writing Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing.
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break

Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break    Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break
Landon also gave his attention to Algebra and History this week, and finished off his Health and Nutrition course - except for the final exam. He was working on that at Standard Deviants Accelerate, and something went awry and it didn't allow him to finish it. So I've put it on my to-do list to see if I can reset that test from the Instructor's account.

Kennady worked on Geography, Literature, and Math, and did a little bit with Science.

This was the last week of gym classes, and we had planned to go to Field Day on Friday, but it was cancelled.

In other news... The week started out fairly normal, but things started getting crazy on Tuesday. We were sort of down to one vehicle, but had a long list of places to be, especially in the evening. Divide and conquer! Thankfully, Harrison had left his car here while he was away for a couple days, and that helped out. I dropped the boys at Civil Air Patrol and then went to my choir practice, which was a dress rehearsal. The hubster took Kennady to her choir's awards night, and then went to pick up the boys, since I couldn't be sure when I would be finished my rehearsal. Turns out we all finished up at about the same time anyway! Then later in the evening, I picked Harrison up at his friend's place. (He and his buddy had flown to Phoenix for a couple days to catch a baseball game - they are trying to visit as many Major League ballparks as possible.)

Wednesday morning I attended and sang at the funeral service for a dear lady from our church.

The reason we were down to one vehicle is that our van - which we still need to trade in or replace somehow - needed a brake job. Badly. How annoying to have to spend money on a big repair like that on a vehicle that you hope to be rid of soon! But I did want to be able to drive it safely (or stop it safely, I guess!) to the dealership to trade it in. So the brakes were done on Wednesday and now we will refocus on buying something else and unloading the now quite stoppable van. Then on Thursday, the truck went to the shop as well - that was a scheduled maintenance thing, but still. Way too much money left my bank account for vehicle repairs this week.

Thursday evening we all went to our church dinner to honor our graduates. Another great group of young people graduating from high school and college this spring, and we'll sure miss the ones that are going away to college!

Things that made me smile... the big news this week made me smile - Harrison has accepted a new job at RadioU and will be starting next week! We are very proud of him, and excited for this next step in his career and life. Things that don't make me smile quite as much include the long to-do list to accomplish in just a week before he leaves, and the fact that he will be moving away. And leaving on Mother's Day too - that twists the knife a bit.

34 Weeks of Clean...
I've been participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays, and have gotten a bit behind with it. This week's assignment was the Master Bath, but since I basically did that during the earlier Bathrooms assignment, I tried to get a bit more done in the Master Bedroom and Master Closet. As busy as my week was, it was a challenge to find time to work on it, but I got a fair amount of clothing purged from my closet! There is definitely still work to be done in there, but seeing the progress is spurring me on to get it all finished! I think I'd better go through my shoes next - the hubster insists I have far too many. Don't tell him I admitted it, but he is right! Of course, I'm hopeful that he will decide to purge his side of the overstuffed closet as well.
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break
My side of the closet - pared down to stuff I would actually wear. I think.
A lot less than it USED to contain, believe me!
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break
sweatshirts, tank tops etc, also pared down significantly
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break
Part of the pile of clothes that is leaving my house!
 Week 18 is our chance to take a Half-Time break - a chance to catch up or finish a project or two, or to put our feet up and feel good about what we've accomplished so far! Or maybe a bit of both. Personally, I plan to keep working on my bedroom and closet. For details, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Half-Time might be a good time to join in if you haven't already!

On my blog this week... just two posts? I have been having a tough time getting myself together to write lately! And as if that isn't bad enough, I'm also woefully behind on reading all my friends' blogs too.

Virtual Refrigerator - Desert Sunset
Middle School Monday - Highlights

On the bookshelf... I finished The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight by Heidi St. John, and my review is scheduled for Tuesday! I haven't done a whole lot of reading again this week, but have worked on these:

The Crimson Cord: Rahab's Story by Jill Eileen Smith
Powder and Patch by Georgette Heyer

I finished A Place Beyond Courage by Elizabeth Chadwick and reviewed it HERE. You can find other book-related posts on my book blog, Just A Second.

A parting shot... we made this tie-dye cake last week and WAS IT EVER GOOD!!
Homeschool Weekly - Short on Time Edition @ Homeschool Coffee Break

Weekly Wrap-Up


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