Friday, July 24, 2015

July Blogging Challenge - Housekeeping

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Today's July Blogging Challenge prompt is not my favorite word. Housekeeping. Something I tend to think of as a necessity in my day, important, valuable, but not exactly fun and games.

I've had some extra motivation and some extra challenges in getting the housework done recently. We had a pipe freeze this past February, so we had to work around the areas affected by the water damage until the insurance issues were settled, then we had to clear everything out of the rooms when the restoration work was done. Those were challenges, but also motivation to get rid of clutter and keep the rooms looking fabulous once we had new floors!
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I've also been participating in a weekly housekeeping challenge called 34 Weeks of Clean, hosted by Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays. Those weekly assignments, and posting updates on how I was doing was a great motivator too!

Hard to believe that I've been responsible for managing my own home for over 25 years, and I am still working on developing and maintaining good housekeeping habits. Things like putting things away as soon as we're done; cleaning as we go; and having designated places for everything. (I found this list of 12 Habits of People Who Always Have A Clean Home and I see a few things on that list that I should probably work on.) Also, reducing the sheer amount of stuff we have. We've been focusing on that aspect recently and have been trying to get rid of stuff we don't actually need. In fact, I'm hoping that I can say good-bye to a bunch of stuff tomorrow at a yard sale. Wish me luck!

How do you stay on top of housekeeping? Do you enjoy it, or is just something you do? Visit This Day Has Great Potential and A Glimpse of Our Life to find out about the other participating bloggers have to say about housekeeping.

July Blogging Challenge

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