Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Day in the Life - (Not) Back to School Blog Hop

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A Day in the Life - (Not) Back to School Blog Hop on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

We are not back to school - yet - but we will be soon, and we'll need to come up with a daily agenda of some kind to keep us on track, and from tripping over each other! At this point, it looks like our schedule will be very similar to last year.

A typical week should generally be something like this:

Monday - a full school day, with Kennady's guitar lesson right after lunch.
Tuesday - school at home in the morning, and early lunch, and then travel to town for gym class in the afternoon. Civil Air Patrol for Landon in the evening, chorus rehearsal for Kennady in the evening, and choir for me as well.
Wednesday - a full school day at home, with church activities in the evening.
Thursday/Friday - full school days at home.

Landon may be working a couple of days a week again, and if so, that will change the schedule. I might be working part-time too, and that will obviously also have an effect! 

A Day in the Life - (Not) Back to School Blog Hop on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

Our daily routine generally has the kids up and working on schoolwork by 9am. I've already been up and enjoyed a cup pot of coffee by then! Lunch break is usually about an hour starting around 11:45am. They are usually finished school about 3pm, but instead of having set end times, I have been leaving them in charge of how they arrange their days, but with certain guidelines. I expect them to start school no later than 9am, and they should be putting in a minimum of five hours per day, before dinner, in educational pursuits. I recommend that Kennady does math each day, but other than that, I generally allow them to choose which subjects to work on at what time and how often per week, as long as they are meeting the deadlines. 

If Landon does work a couple of days, we'll have to negotiate when he'll make up the school time, whether during a couple of evenings, or on Saturday, or whatever. His schedule will be full, because he is taking a couple of extra courses this year in order to graduate early.

Since my kids are high school age, they are able to manage their own time, but I've set the stage for this over many years. I had a much stricter schedule for them when they were little, and as they matured and did more work independently, I also gradually granted them more independence with their schedules as well. 

What will your schedule look like for the upcoming school year? Timed down to the minute, or more of a loose framework like ours? I'm sharing my Day in the Life  in the (Not) Back to School Blog Hop at iHomeschoolNetwork.com.
"Not" Back to School Blog Hop 2015

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