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Homeschool Weekly - Thanksgiving Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - Thanksgiving Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In our homeschool . . . Naturally, we didn't do as much school this week as we normally would! Wednesday had its share of distractions, as we began our preparation for Thanksgiving activities, and on Friday it wasn't easy to jump right back into school. However, I was pleased that the kids both hit their respective books when asked, and got stuff done. Kennady applied herself to math, science, and literature (and of course to music!) and Landon kept working away at science and history. I had meant to catch up grading this week and of course, I didn't, so I guess I'll have to save that for Monday because the weekend will be busy.

In other news . . . On Sunday we had two families join us for dinner after church. We had hit upon the idea of getting takeout from a local barbecue place and eating together, and I had offered our house. Sometimes you just don't know where a simple Facebook post will end up! This event got started when I simply shared the fall/winter menu and just snowballed from there. But really, I think I've hit upon the best possible way to entertain! I didn't have to do any food prep at all, and since we all opted to eat out of the takeout containers, there were no dishes to wash! Just provide some beverages, and then truly enjoy visiting around the table and no pressure.

The beginning of the week was business as usual, but on Wednesday I took time out of the day to prepare a roast turkey for the hubster to take along to Gobble In The Lot that evening. This is the annual pick-up game and potluck dinner that his hockey buddies do on the evening before Thanksgiving. Kennady and I missed the game because we were at worship team practice, but we did scoot down to the rink and get in on the food!

We were blessed again this year with an invitation to join friends for their big family Thanksgiving dinner. And as always, the food was fantastic. On Black Friday, no shopping for us, although I did zip to the grocery store in the morning. Do you know, I had the place practically to myself? So my recommendation is to do grocery shopping on Black Friday when everyone else is going nuts at the mall. We got started with Christmas decorating as well, and celebrated the hubster's birthday this weekend with yet another roast turkey. It's his favorite meal.

Things that made me smile . . . friends that have become like family.

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On the bookshelf . . .

The Fatal Tree (Bright Empires) by Stephen R Lawhead
The Darcys of Pemberley by Shannon Winslow
Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

I finished You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes: Photographs from the International Space Station by Chris Hadfield as well as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, and I reviewed both on my book blog, Just A Second, where you can find more reviews and other book-related things as well.

A parting shot . . . by now, many of you may know that I have a slight obsession with fog. This was the view from the back of our house on Thanksgiving morning.

Homeschool Weekly - Thanksgiving Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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