Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Birthday Bucket List

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I'm a little bored and at loose ends today, because once again everything is cancelled because of the weather. By "everything", I mean church activities, which is what we usually do on Wednesdays. Yesterday everything (gym class, CAP, my choir rehearsal) except Kennady choir rehearsal was cancelled. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were big cancellation days as well.

Anyway, this has been sitting here for awhile, so I figured today would be a good day to share it. It will help alleviate my cabin fever somewhat, and besides, the whole point was to share it soon after my birthday, which is now about a month past.

The Birthday Bucket List is an idea from Simply Audra Marie. On her blog, she shared about her tradition of making a birthday list of fun things she wanted to do during the coming year. One item on the list for each year. When I read her latest list, I loved it and decided to do the same. The list is made up of things big and small, but they are all things that I want to do or think I'll enjoy doing or achieving. Not bummer things that I have to do and don't want to.

So here are the 49 things I want to do while I'm 49. In no particular order, except the first one. I decided I needed to have that at the top of the list.
  1. Pray - more often, more faithfully, and with more boldness
  2. Read 49 books
  3. Paint my bedroom
  4. Can my own jam or jelly
  5. Clean off my desk
  6. Get a job  (It's hard to say how much I'll enjoy this, but I would enjoy some income! Update: I'm loving it! I started working at a local winery in the summer and it's a lot of fun. Plus that bit of extra income thing.)
  7. Go exploring with hubby one weekend each month.
  8. Visit Maryland's state parks - as many as possible
  9. Get a new background/theme for my blog
  10. Clean out the garage (This doesn't sound like much fun, I admit. But it's a family project, which really helps!)
  11. Get rid of stuff I don't need 
  12. Write letters. By hand. One a month. (Update: Have not managed one a month so far, but I've written a couple more than I did in the past couple years, so it's progress.)
  13. Send cards on time for all the family birthdays (Failing as far as the on-time aspect, but I'm trying)
  14. Make fudge
  15. Finish the bedspread I started
  16. Make or buy new window coverings for my bedroom
  17. Paint the entry, stairwell and hallways (Entry and stairwell done, need to do the hallways)
  18. Go to a hockey game or two
  19. Plan a getaway for me and hubby
  20. Go for walks
  21. Buy outdoor furniture
  22. Knit something
  23. Attend a class or learn a new skill
  24. Write personal notes to encourage people
  25. Do something truly funky with my hair - because grey hair is awesome!
  26. Wear nail wraps at least once
  27. Go to a baseball game (Update: minor league games attended, a few major league games planned for late summer)
  28. Get and use an Instagram account (Got it! Trying to remember to use it!)
  29. Lose weight (Update: have lost some, need to lose more. Isn't that always the way?)
  30. Switch phone companies
  31. Purge my bookshelves
  32. Clean out my closet
  33. Make a reading corner in the family room
  34. Try new recipes
  35. Organize the photos, maybe even do some scrapbooking
  36. Get new boots
  37. Play guitar
  38. Play mini-golf with the kids
  39. Plan a family vacation
  40. Watch movies and shows with Kennady
  41. Celebrate at least one special occasion each month, even if we have to make one up
  42. Get a coloring book for myself
  43. Adopt a cat (Update: we adopted two!)
  44. Have company over once a month
  45. Make meals ahead to put in the freezer
  46. Get some new team swag - hat, tee-shirt, sweatshirt/hoodie 
  47. Decorate my house for the seasons
  48. Watch TV shows or movies with hubby and/or kids once a week (sounds crazy to make watching TV a goal, but if we're all watching together, and it's something they want me to watch with them, I want to make time to do it!)
  49. Choose new colors and decide how to redecorate the dining room
(I am going to strike through the items that I complete, and bold the ones that are "in progress".)

What do you think of my list? I'll try to update as we go through the year.

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I'm rooting you on for adopting a cat.

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