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A Cup of Coffee and a Word of Advice - Be Yourself

A Cup of Coffee and a Word of Advice - Be Yourself on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Part of the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents blog hop hosted by the

Be yourself is what we often tell our kids, but it certainly applies to us as moms, and can apply to our homeschools too. Think for a moment about how you define yourself, especially when you meet someone new. If you're like me, at some point during your introductions with someone you've just met, you'll say that you homeschool your kids. And then maybe you'll inwardly tense up just in case they'll come up with one of those weird and vaguely critical comments, or just say, "oh." and the conversation is sort of over. If your new acquaintance is also a homeschooler, I'll bet that on some level you are going to wonder how your method will stack up against hers.

Homeschool Mom, there is more to you than being a homeschool mom, as incredibly awesome as that is. And you probably already know this, but you need to be careful about comparing yourself to anyone else and their homeschool. Got time for a coffee break so we can talk a bit about it?

A Cup of Coffee and a Word of Advice - Be Yourself on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Part of the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents blog hop hosted by the

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. ~attributed to Oscar Wilde
 You've probably said something along this line to your kids at some point, to encourage them when they feel like they don't fit in or wish they could do or be something more like a friend or someone they admire. So you know the value of being comfortable with who you are, and accepting that your strengths, talents, and interests are unique. Let's make sure we're living that out!

A Cup of Coffee and a Word of Advice - Be Yourself on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - Part of the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents blog hop hosted by the

Know your style and what works for your homeschool.
You know your child's learning style, but you should also know your own learning style, and your teaching style. It might take a little time when you first start homeschooling, but you will learn what works for your combination of learning styles and interests, and within the context of your family. Find your own style, and own it! And then . . .

Don't compare yourself to others.
Learn from other homeschoolers, and get ideas from other homeschoolers, especially those with a little more experience. But don't beat yourself up because you can't accomplish the same things, and don't feel like something is wrong with the way you homeschool just because it's different.

Remember to be YOU.
Take off the homeschool mom hat regularly and enjoy the other aspects of the person you are. Just be Mom, without the teacher tag attached. Be the wife. Give your marriage high priority - it needs to be your highest priority relationship after your relationship with the Lord. Your kids will grow up and graduate and leave home, but you are intended to be with your marriage partner for your whole life. Invest in your marriage accordingly. And yes, look after yourself. Just like they tell you on the plane with the instructions about the oxygen masks - you do need to care for your own needs in order to be able to care for your kids. So take a daily break, even if it's just for a few minutes of quiet time. I strongly encourage you to start your day with prayer and Scripture. (And of course coffee is part of my morning routine!) I know that when you have babies and little ones, it's especially hard to carve out those few minutes of peace and rest, but it really is essential for your sanity! Look for ways to do things that YOU enjoy personally. Things where you are not primarily acting as someone's mom. I have a few things that I do regularly that I like because I'm just "Kym" and not "Mom" or "Mrs". I love being the Mom and the Mrs., but I'm an individual too. I'm very blessed that my husband understands that, and that he and I can pursue some individual interests as well as interests we share as a couple.

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. ~Judy Garland
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Joelle said...

Great tips and to the point! Tips that we will do well to remember. Thanks! I love that last quote. Homeschooling is hard enough we do not need to make it harder by trying to be someone that we are not. Yet we ought to always striving to better ourselves!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully encouraging post with excellent reminders. Thank you!

Kylie said...

I think you need to pin this post to the top of your blog. We homeschool mums need to read it weekly. Great reminders, thank you!

Joesette said...

Ha! We really were on the same page! Too funny, and great reminders!

Sandi said...

This hit the spot!

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