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Homeschooling High School Collection

Homeschooling High School Collection - a round-up of Homeschool Coffee Break posts about homeschooling through high school, shared in the Schoolhouse Review Crew Homeschooling Through High School Round-up -

I was glad to see the theme of homeschooling through high school featured for this week's Schoolhouse Review Crew Round-up! I'm looking forward to visiting the Crew blog on Friday and seeing the posts that other Crew members have contributed, and I'm sure there will be lots of helpful information and down-to-earth encouragement there. I have two high school students this year, one of whom is graduating, so I've been attempting to write more about the high school years here on my own blog. I've put together this collection of some of my high school focus posts in hopes that you'll find something here that's encouraging for homeschooling all the way through!

Meet the Homeschooling High School Bloggers! Introduction to the Homeschooling High School Blog Hop on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In June 2015, I got together with a group of homeschool bloggers to do a monthly blog hop that focused on high school. Meet the Homeschooling High School Bloggers in the introductory post, and then check out my monthly posts in the series:


Introducing "From the High School Lesson Book" - a series on Homeschool Coffee Break @

From the High School Lesson Book series here on my blog features things like summaries of lesson material we have worked on in history or science or reviews of resources we are using, and even a couple of field trips. I started including a linky too, so other bloggers that are homeschooling through high school can share their posts.

The Fine Art of Percussion is about the drum lesson program my son is using to earn his Fine Arts credit, and Practical Drafting is about his Technology credit.
For President's Day and Reformation Day I gave some highlights from our history studies.
I shared some of the Record-keeping Resources that we've used.
Field trips don't happen quite as often now that we're doing high school, but we have had a couple, like this visit to the greenhouse to learn about pointsettias - A Poinsettia PhotoJournal (Greenhouse Field Trip) - or we recall a past trip when it relates to our studies, like when we visited St Augustine and St Mary's.

I've started a Homeschooling High School Blog Roll here as well.

Homeschooling High School Blog Roll - Find out more at: Homeschooling High School - Graduation and Beyond! on Homeschool Coffee Break @ #homeschool #highschool #grad


Of course the goal is for our kids to graduate from our homeschools with their transcripts complete, and with all the skills they need to make it in college or the career of their choice, and be well prepared for a fulfilling successful life on their own. Here's my series on Homeschool Essentials for Graduating, in which I talked about some of the requirements I have for my students.

Homeschool Essentials for Graduating series, featured in the Homeschooling High School Collection on Homeschool Coffee Break @


the Real Homeschoolers series - The Real Homeschooled High Schooler @

If you've ever wished you could take a peek inside the real day-to-day world of other homeschoolers, the 5-Day Blog Hop offered just that opportunity last year as Crew bloggers were encouraged to share in Real Life Homeschooling series. My series featured one day devoted to a typical day in the life of my son, The Real Homeschooled High Schooler

the Real Homeschoolers series - The Real Homeschooled High Schooler @


And finally, this is a post from a few years ago about Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due - giving a few tips I'd learned about how to award appropriate high school credit for non-traditional coursework.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due - deciding how to award high school credit for non-traditional coursework - on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to see what other Crew members have to say about homeschooling their high school students in the Homeschooling Through High School Round-up, which will be live on Friday, March 18th.

Homeschooling through High School

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