Saturday, April 9, 2016

Homeschool Weekly - No Spring Break Edition

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Homeschool Weekly - No Spring Break Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

In our homeschool . . . Sorry, kids - no spring break for us! I insisted that both kids really put their nose to the grindstone this past week, after having assessed where we are truly behind schedule and where we're okay. I think they both did a good job of it overall, but I guess I'll be nagging them quite a bit for the next couple months! I've been cautious about doing reviews during this time of year, since both kids already have plenty on their plates, but look at the list that we're working on anyway!

Math Mini-Courses from A+ Tutorsoft - Kennady is working on a couple of these courses, and they are review and reinforcement for her, so it's not terribly time consuming.
Book and Unit Study - Heroes of History: Orville Wright from YWAM Publishers - this is some extra reading that Kennady is doing, mostly outside of her regular school time.
ARTistic Pursuits book Sculpture Technique Model  - fun project for Kennady (and me!)
Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. - of course these are just pure fun for Kennady!
Poetry Memorization resources from IEW - so far this has been for me as I've been working my way through the introduction materials and getting familiar with it, but very soon (like Monday!) it will find its way into our regular routine. 

What's working . . . thankfully, the few changes I made to the order of the science course have helped Kennady out a lot. Landon is getting through Science more quickly now as well, and I think the kids are both settled into a better routine and attitude about working hard on school.

In other news . . . our week was busy, as usual, but nothing very unusual. Well, maybe the weather is unusual. It's like it can't quite move on from winter. We've had some lovely warm days, and then we see that there's the possibility of snow this weekend.

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On the bookshelf . . .

The Coffee Trader: A Novel by David Liss
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
The Prophetess: Deborah's Story (Daughters of the Promised Land) by Jill Eileen Smith
Counted With the Stars (Out From Egypt) by Connilyn Cossette

I finished Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far by Amy Grant and The Adventuress: A Lady Emily Mystery by Tasha Alexander. I reviewed both on my book blog, Just A SecondYou can find out more about what I'm reading, and other book related things there as well.

A parting shot . . . my attempts to capture a bit of the beautiful sunrise we witnessed on the way to the airport. One good thing about having to be out on the road that early in the morning!

Homeschool Weekly - No Spring Break Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Weekly - No Spring Break Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Weekly - No Spring Break Edition on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Meg Falciani said...

We're at the same point. We were supposed to go away for Spring Break, but our trip got cancelled due to hubby's work issues. That meant heads down and noses to grindstones...Luke made a LOT of progress and may actually be done before his graduation! LOL

Joanne said...

What a pretty sunrise! We don't take a spring break either. My kids are content to work a bit each day and since we wouldn't be going anywhere anyway it's not that big of a deal to us.

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