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Worldview and Why It Matters

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When discussing the reasons we homeschool, the fact that we can teach from a Biblical worldview almost always comes up as a benefit. I'm sure that it sometimes raises a couple of questions that many Christians leave unasked, and that many of us can't answer - what exactly IS worldview and why does it matter? And what makes a worldview Biblical? Don't all Christians have a Biblical worldview?

Worldview is the set of glasses through which we look at the world. And everyone has a worldview of some kind, whether they know it or not. It's shaped by our culture, experience, family background, and our faith or religious belief. Our worldview affects how we evaluate the meaning of current events and events in history, how we relate to the world around us, and our understanding of our own purpose and meaning in life. It's easy to assume that all who call themselves "Christian" would have a Christian or Biblical worldview, but sadly, that's not always the case. Many Christians are deeply affected by the secular and godless worldview that is prevalent in Western society, and especially in public schools. This is a huge factor in our decision to homeschool. We took seriously the responsibility to disciple our children, and to bring them up to honor God in everything. When we looked at the entire concept of education from a Biblical worldview, we believed that it was about so much more than just learning specific skill sets and memorizing certain facts. It's about getting firmly grounded in God's Word and understanding that Truth is not subjective and changeable - God's Word is Truth and we need to align our thoughts with what He says about education, work, hobbies, relationships, community, and everything else.

A Biblical worldview says that God created the heavens and the earth and continues to guide events in the world. We believe that humankind is created in God's image and intended to have relationship with God, and that the purpose of all creation is to honor God. Biblical worldview is a powerful motivator for good education, solid work ethics, healthy relationships, and positive involvement in communities. What we learn and believe about God's character and God's plan for our lives has a huge impact on our choices.

With that in mind, do our curriculum choices matter? Especially for subjects like History and Science? You bet they do. I do look specifically at the worldview that a text or study guide comes from when making curriculum choices. Here are two examples from the curriculum we are using this year:

Survey of Science History & Concepts is a general science elective that both my kids have been working on this year. It's an overview of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; providing foundational knowledge in the concepts of each of these branches of science. It begins with the framework that God created and designed the world, and that it is not a result of random chance. Because it's been designed by divine intelligence, we are able to recognize the laws and order that God put into place. This particular study also highlights the contributions of scientists throughout history that were Christians, and whose discoveries and insights were often guided by their understanding of God.

Survey of Science/History curriculum - Worldview and Why It Matters on Homeschool Coffee Break @

 Exploring America from Notgrass is a high school level curriculum that combines US History, American Literature, and Bible teaching into one course that allows a student to earn up to three full credits. Each of the thirty units consists of five days of history lessons, with the fifth being a lesson in Biblical worldview relating to the historical events covered. The history of the United States, from early exploration and settlement up to the year 2006, is presented  in a clear and balanced manner, but from a perspective of Christian faith. The readings assigned in American Voices include the Mayflower Compact; writings from Thomas Paine, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, ; sermons and speeches from Jonathan Edwards, Patrick Henry, Booker T Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr; hymns and poems by American writers; and speeches and inaugural addresses from several Presidents.  Exploring World History the world history curriculum set up the same way. It begins with Creation and Bible history as well as other ancient cultures and progresses through until the modern day.

Exploring America (Notgrass high school curriculum) - Homeschool Coffee Break @


Deuteronomy 6:4-7 - Worldview and Why It Matters on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is --
his good, pleasing and perfect will.
~Romans 12:2~

For more on Christian worldview, see my post Homeschool Essentials for Graduating - Faith and Worldview and my review of the movie IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films.

Homeschool Essentials for Graduating - Faith and Worldview on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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