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52 Lists - Favorite Games

52 Lists - Favorite Games/Apps on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Very early this year I did come across the 52 Lists project, and thought about participating. But as so often happens (at least with me!) I pretty much forgot about it. Recently, I was reminded of it, and this time I decided to jump in and get started, despite the year being more than half over. Now, if I'm really lucky, I'll remember to link this post up to the current collection of 52 Lists at Chasing Slow. (I'm scheduling this post ahead as I don't know when I'll be able to get online this week!)

Our list this week is favorite games and apps. Our family doesn't play games together very often. Mostly that's because we have such varying tastes in games. I like Scrabble and Dominos, and my hubby likes Risk and Rook, neither of which I understand. In fact, for many years I tried my best to play Rook with the hubster and friends of ours, but I never really figured it out. We usually played called partner, and I'm pretty sure that was to even things out so no one got stuck with me as their partner through an entire evening! Anyway, here are some games that I DO like, and can understand.

My favorite games/apps:

  1. Scrabble - I'm a word nerd. 
  2. Scattergories - again, because I'm a word nerd.
  3. Dominos - Mexican Train and Chickenfoot are the two styles I know, and I enjoy both. Mexican Train was introduced to my family by my mom and dad and when they visit we usually wind up with an ongoing dominos tournament with the kids. Chickenfoot requires a little less concentration and is the game of choice at our church coffee house on Wednesday evenings.
  4. Sorry! (Disney version) - I still enjoy this simple game, especially the Disney version we have.
  5. Monopoly - we don't play often, but this is a classic.
  6. Phase 10 - probably my favorite card game
  7. Dutch Blitz - although I'm not half as good at it as I used to be.
  8. MahJongg - one of the only game apps I ever use on my Kindle.
52 Lists - Favorite Games/Apps on Homeschool Coffee Break @

52 Lists - Favorite Games/Apps on Homeschool Coffee Break @

52 Lists - Favorite Games/Apps on Homeschool Coffee Break @

52 Lists - Favorite Games/Apps on Homeschool Coffee Break @ 
(These pictures are from a 1930s themed Family Night we did a few years ago. Read about it here: History Lesson: 1930s Family Game Night)

1930s Family Game Night on Homeschool Coffee Break @

What are your favorite games? Leave a comment and let me know, and visit Chasing Slow to see other lists.

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Brandy said...

I love all those. Also, love Uno and Life and Clue.

BARBIE said...

We love Mexican Train! At least, hubby and I do.

Joanne said...

I love that Disney Sorry version; we have the traditional Sorry and while fun we tend to love everything just a bit more when it's Disney themed.

Todayisme said...

Love your list of games! I'm also a big fan of Mexican Train and Phase 10. I haven't been able to play them in years, though. Some day soon!

Brittney said...

I like word games too. That's usually what I play on my phone.

~a homemaker said...

This week's list has my wheels spinning to plan a game night!

I'm playing catch up on blog visits, but I really do love to stop by, visit, and read each list. Thank you for participating!

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