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52 Lists #33 - Food, Glorious Food

52 Lists #33 - Food, Glorious Food on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some favorite restaurants

This week's list assignment is to list our favorite places or foods when we're eating out. How appropriate, since we'll be on vacation soon, and doing a lot of eating out! See details and more lists at 52 Lists at Chasing Slow.

We love to eat out and since I don't much love to cook, I wish our eating out budget was a LOT bigger! We have some favorite restaurants that we go back to again and again, or that are big highlights in our memory even if we can't keep returning.

  1. Melt Bar and Grilled - because cheese. And it came to mind immediately because it started in Cleveland and we'll be visiting there on our vacation.
  2. Tim Horton's - Coffee. Canada. 'Nuff said.
  3. Quaker Steak - a standout because our very quiet and reserved son loudly declared it "the best burger I've ever had!" after our first visit.
  4. Buca di Beppo - one of our top choices for special occasions, like our anniversary recently
  5. Macaroni Grill - another Italian chain restaurant, and more my favorite than my husband's.
  6. Frontier Barbecue - or ANY barbecue place. But this local joint in Fairfield PA is one of our favorites. If you go, have the Bullhawg.
  7. Ledo Pizza - favorite pizza chain. They win because they are generous with the bacon, and their crust-to-topping ratio is right where we like it. Lots of topping, and thin crispy crust.
  8. Dobbin House - historic eatery in Gettysburg that we especially like.
  9. Cracker Barrel - a long-time family favorite
  10. Hard Times Cafe - chili specialists!
52 Lists #33 - Food, Glorious Food on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some favorite restaurants
Buca di Beppo on our anniversary

52 Lists #33 - Food, Glorious Food on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - some favorite restaurants
the first Tim Hortons we found on our Alberta Bound trip in 2013,
because that's worth a picture!

We especially love barbecue, so whenever we travel we look for local barbecue places to try out. Each place seems to have its own specialty and claim to fame, and although we like some things better than others, we always find something to love. We ate at a barbecue place in Massachusetts that had these amazing mashed potatoes. First - who would have guessed that Massachusetts would have a great barbecue place? But I've been trying to recreate those potatoes ever since. There are a couple of local barbecue places that have the most wonderful cornbread. We've found some places where we know the brisket is outstanding, and others where the pork is always great, and still others that do the best ribs.
I was eating in a Chinese restaurant downtown. There was a dish called Mother and Child Reunion. It's chicken and eggs. And I said, I gotta use that one. ~Paul Simon
Which restaurants are your favorites? Leave a comment and tell me where I should eat out next, and visit Chasing Slow to see other lists.

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Mother of 3 said...

Out of that whole list I only recognized Cracker Barrel and Macaroni Grill; my son wanted me to put cracker barrel on my list but that is all the rest of the families favorite-- not mine. I never know what to order there.

Todayisme said...

I really enjoyed your list because I haven't heard of most of the restaurants on your list. I also love Cracker Barrel and it is one of my favorite places to stop on the road.

Beauty full Slow said...

I hope that you will enjoy your vacation and be able to visit many of these on your list. I've heard such wonderful things about Cracker Barrel, but I have never be to one.

Brittney Mom's Heart said...

My husband loves Tim Horton's -- coffee and donuts!

Annette Vellenga said...

There is a Greek place in London that is good, and well.... timmy's if you are Canadian you have to love timmy's..unless you are my older sister who won't do chain food places of any sort. :)

K Quinn said...

We very rarely eat out because of my food allergy but one place we love which is part bakery part restaurant is St. Honore. Nummy! It's a French bakery. There were several places in Seattle I could name but they are probably all gone now. Rosellini's The Other Place is where I had my best ever steak. It's closed now...sigh!

At Home where life happens said...

Well, I recognized a couple of those. :) We like to eat at deli's that have good soups and sandwiches. One of our favorites is local: Schmaltz's. - Lori

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